Diablo Immortal Will Allow You To Switch Classes While Retaining Progress

Unlike its predecessors, Diablo Immortal will allow players to change their classes on the fly while retaining all progression.

In a new blog post earlier today, developer-publisher Blizzard Entertainment announced that Diablo Immortal will give players the freedom to switch between classes without losing their progression.

The feature will be introduced in the game as an incentive for players to experiment with all of the different classes without being forced to create a brand new character and start all over from scratch.

While more details will be shared in the near future, Blizzard confirmed for now that players will receive a new set of weapons, armor, and gems based on the current character level the new class they are switching to.

“When you change your class, you’ll retain all your progress on Paragon levels,” said Blizzard. “You’ll receive a new set of equipped items appropriate to your new class, and you can transfer all of your item progress and gems to them. None of your old equipped items or stash will be lost, and your progress on Horadric Vessels and the Helliquary will stick around too.”

The previous Diablo games, or any other action role-playing game for that matter, are designed to encourage players to invest all of their time in building (and improving) a single character of a single class.

Suffice to say, such a character-change feature should become a norm because it will help players save a lot of time and frustration in creating new classes when they realize that their current classes are no good.

Unfortunately, the class-change feature will not be available when Diablo Immortal releases for Android and iOS devices later in 2022. Blizzard Entertainment plans to roll out the feature “shortly” after the game releases.

Elsewhere, Blizzard is hoping to see at least 30 million global pre-registrations for Diablo Immortal across all mobile devices before gifting players an entire Horadrim cosmetic set.

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