Diablo Immortal Kulle’s Secret Chamber Event Guide

Kulle’s Secret Chamber is one of the many Zone Events in Diablo Immortal. This event is specific to the Library of Zoltun Kulle zone, and in this guide, we will discuss everything related to the Diablo Immortal Kulle’s Secret Chamber Event.

There are a few basic mechanics that will help you complete the Kulle’s Secret Chamber event with complete success. We will go through these mechanics and walk you through this event. Let’s begin!

How to Start Kulle’s Secret Chamber Event in Diablo Immortal

You will come across the Kulle’s Secret Chamber event in the Library of Zoltun Kulle zone. This event is like a scavenger hunt that ends once you enter the treasure chest room. You can start this event by collecting 5 lost pages which will create a Portal Tome.

Use this Portal Tome to create a portal and enter one of the Kulle’s Secret Chambers. Each time you use the Portal Tome, you’ll awake a Golem or the Zoltun Kulle’s Hydra.

Diablo Immortal Kulle’s Secret Chamber Event Walkthrough

As you begin to explore the Library, you will find various pages lying around on the ground. These pages will be shining making them more noticeable while they’re on the ground.

Collect these pages and the Kulle’s Secret Chamber quest tracker will get updated on the screen. This tracker will say “Lost Page Collection” followed by the number of pages you’ve collected. Keep in mind that all the players in the region can see those pages and pick them up. So if you want to farm this event, you need to make sure you are quick and grab the pages before other players.

As soon as you’ve collected 5/5 pages, a portal opens up. Click on the icon towards the left to open a portal. Each portal will take you to a new room. Click on the locked chest that will trigger the spawning of a guardian or a monster.

You will encounter Skeletal Guardians, Quicksand Golems and Serpent Totems. Additionally, sometimes you will find a room full of crates that can be destroyed for gold and magical dust. As mentioned before, some of these chambers will also summon a Hydra boss.

There are also some environmental changes that you’ll experience such as Gust Winds and Frozen Ground.

How to Farm Kulle’s Secret Chamber Event in Diablo Immortal

Farming helps you in gathering up some useful materials which help you in enhancing the ranking of your gear. Enchanted dust is a useful material that will help you the most in this regard.

You can farm this dust by entering the chamber and killing the monsters that spawn. After you’ve defeated the monster, a chest pops up which will contain the enchanted dust.

You can efficiently farm Enchanted Dust by gathering Lost Pages in Kulle’s Hidden Chamber. Since you can do the event 10 times per day, it is quite ideal to amass loads of materials.

While Haunted Carriage Event and Ancient Nightmare are on cooldown, this is the event you should focus on as it can be completed very quickly. Also keep in mind to keep your Paragon Level under the Server Paragon level so you get double Enchanted Dust drops.

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