Diablo Immortal Destruction’s End Dungeon Guide

In this guide, we will help you defeat Baal and complete Diablo Immortal Destruction's End dungeon with ease and explain what loot awaits.

Baal is one of the better-known enemies in the Diablo franchise. The demon makes a return in Diablo Immortal and players face off against him in the Destruction’s End dungeon. In this guide, we will help you complete the Diablo Immortal Destruction’s End dungeon with ease and explain what loot awaits.

Diablo Immortal Destruction’s End Location

To get to the Destruction’s End dungeon, you need to get to the Library of Zoltun Kulle. For the first time, during the Diablo Immortal story, you will need to be at least level 35 before you can attempt the dungeon. You can find the entrance of the dungeon on the top center of the library.

Diablo Immortal Destruction's End Location

Destruction’s End is not so much of a dungeon, and more of you living a past event in the world. Players get to relive the binding of the Lord of Destruction, Baal. You will be teleported to Horadrim where you help Zoltun Kulle and Tal Rasha to defeat and banish Baal in a Soulstone.

Destruction’s End Set Items (Drops)

Set Items for the dungeon drop depending on your difficulty. Playing through the dungeon on higher difficulty will increase your chances of finding more set items from the dungeon.

A higher Magic Find stat, defined by your gems, will also increase your chances of finding Set Loot from Baal in Destruction’s End Dungeon.

Following are the Set Items that you will find in Destruction’s End Dungeon.

  • The Gaoler (waist) – Hell+1
  • Shepherd and Leader (boots) – Hell+1
  • Awakener’s Urge (amulet) – Hell+2
  • Slit Throat (amulet) – Hell+2
  • Resting Fangs of Shal’baas (ring) – Hell+2
  • Mounteback’s Misdirection (ring) – Hell+2
  • Shepherd and Beastmaster (glove) – Hell+2
  • Shephard and Architect (amulet) – Hell+2

Destruction’s End Bosses

In all honestly, there is only one boss for Destruction’s End Dungeon. You will fight Baal, but he will escape after your first encounter with the demon, so you’d have to follow him again and take him out in the second encounter.

While playing, you will have two main boss fights, both with Baal, Lord of Destruction.

On the second level of the dungeon, you will fight a mini-boss names Overseer, but it isn’t a special encounter and Overseer fights you with his minions. The fight is nothing special.

Destruction’s End Walkthrough

There are two levels of Destruction’s End Dungeon. You need to remove Fire Walls in both the levels so you can progress.

1st Level

You have three Fire Walls to get through. You will be escorting Zoltun Kulle so he can remove the Fire Walls allowing you access to the boss.

Unfortunately, like every annoying escort mission, Zoltun Kulle has low health and he won’t move forward until all the enemies are killed, meaning that you will have to clear out all the demons before Zoltun decides it is time to remove the Fire Wall.

If you let him get ganged on by demons, they will kill him failing the dungeon. For groups, one player can escort Zoltun while others focus on clearing out the mobs. If you are soloing the dungeon, you need to make sure that you keep your eye on Zoltun at all times so he doesn’t die.

For clearing the first level, you need to get through three Fire Walls and you will come across the main boss, Ball, Lord of Destruction.

How to Defeat Baal on 1st Level of Destruction’s End

The main attack Baal will use in this fight is an orange shockwave. The shockwave has a very low coverage area and all you have to do to avoid getting hit is simply go in any direction where Baal is not facing.

The second attack Baal uses is where he launches fireballs into the sky for them to fall all around him. You can stand underneath Baal to avoid getting hit or just watch the trajectory and stand where his fireballs won’t land.

After you have depleted sufficient health, Zoltun and Tal Rasha will try to capture Baal, but he breaks the Soulstone and escapes. Tal Rasha decides to go after him to keep him from escaping, while Zoltun and your party will get to him through the valley.

2nd Level

The 2nd level is one the same pattern as the 1st. You need to escort Zoltun to each Fire Wall so he can remove it, allowing you passage. Same as the 1st level, Zoltun won’t do anything until you have killed all the mobs defending the Fire Wall.

For the 2nd level, there are 4 Fire Walls you need to get through. Zoltun won’t remove the first Fire Wall until you are ready, and make sure you use this time to prepare.

After you ask him to remove the Fire Wall, you will see a timer appear on the screen for 3 minutes. This reward timer requires you to make it through the 2nd level to Baal’s boss fight arena in under 3 minutes to get an additional reward chest.

After you have dissipated 3 Fire Walls, just before the last Fire Wall, you will be faced by the Overseer, who will try to stop you from reaching Baal. You need to defeat all the mobs, along with the Overseer to get the final Fire Wall removed so you can go on and face Baal once and for all.

How to Defeat Baal on 2nd Level of Destruction’s End

When you enter the boss arena, you won’t be able to target or attack Baal until you destroy all the Festering Appendages in the arena. Destroying all these will allow you to remove the force field protecting Baal and he will be vulnerable to your attacks again.

When you destroy the force field, an explosion will knock back all players and they will be stunned. You have a chance of avoiding this fate if you manage to get under Baal before his force field explodes.

Attack patterns for Baal are similar to the first fight, however, the attacks are faster, more frequent, and hit harder. The boss will use the orange shockwave often, and the shockwave travels faster now, making it harder to avoid getting hit.

In the second fight, Baal’s fireball now travels outward after hitting the ground. They will go through the entire arena after they hit the ground in a straight line. The only safe way to avoid getting hit is by either standing close to Baal or making sure you are not in the path of these fireballs.

Mid-fight, Baal will again make a force field around him and you would need to destroy the Festering Appendages again to make him vulnerable. Same as the first time, the force field will explode, knocking you back and stunning you and all the players.

Once the fight is over, Baal, Lord of Destruction will be captured, and you will get the loot for the dungeon. If you managed to complete the 2nd level under the 3-minute timer, you will also get a second chest of loot in the dungeon

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