How to Join or Create Clans in Diablo Immortal

In Diablo Immortal, there is a lot for players to explore and enjoy, both in PvP and PvE, but to fully experience the thrill, you’ll want to join a clan. This guide will give you a rundown on how to join or create Clans in Diablo Immortal to fully immerse yourself in the MMO-like features of the game.

What are Clans in Diablo Immortal?

Clans are a key social feature in Diablo Immortal that allows you to socialize and engage with other players and also participate in high-difficulty activities by teaming up with clanmates.

While in a clan, you can pursue several objectives as a team, both in PvP and PvE, which adds to the fun. You also get to learn from your clanmates and grow as a player with each passing day.

It is worth mentioning that Clans are different from Warbands. Warbands unlike clans can be disbanded and are intended to achieve short-term objectives only.

There is a limit of 100 players in each clan and anyone can join as long as there are open slots available.

How to Join a Clan in Diablo Immortal

Joining a clan is a simple process. To join a clan, you need to search for one. Here’s how to search for a clan in D: Immortal.

First up, head over to the Main game Menu in the upper right corner of the screen. Then navigate to the Clans tab. There, you can search for or view clans that have open slots available.

To join a clan, simply choose one from the list and press the Apply button. You will be added to the clan once your approval is granted.

How to Create a Clan in Diablo Immortal

If you can’t find a suitable clan in D Immortal, you can create one yourself. Creating a clan, like joining one, is a simple process.

The first thing you’ll need to create a clan is the clan creation fee. Creating a clan in Diablo Immortal costs 100,000 gold. So, you’ll need to have that amount if you’re planning to create a clan.

Take your time to gather the amount. When you have the required amount, head over to the Clans tab in the Main Menu. There, you’ll have the option of creating a clan. Simply click on the option to create a clan.

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