Diablo III: Patch 2.3 Will Release Simultaneously for PS4, Xbox One, and PC

The upcoming Patch 2.3 for Diablo III will release simultaneously for all three platforms, Blizzard has assured.

Yesterday, the developer published a lengthy preview of the new update, highlighting its many features, including a brand new zone, new artifact and legendary items, as well as various other updates. It was enough to get everyone excited and have fans take to the forums to ask when the patch would release for consoles.

“The current plan is to deploy the PS4 and Xbox One patch at the same time as the PC as we have previously done,” responded Community Manager Grimiku. “This is subject to change, though, so we’ll be sure to keep you all updated as we get closer to the patch date.”

The last bit shouldn’t be that worrying, unless something really does go terribly wrong and Blizzard is force to pull back the update from specific platforms.

However, Grimiku did leave out the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 from his response. It’s to be assumed that the current-gen consoles’ similar architecture to the PC allows Blizzard to efficiently push out updates across all three platforms. The last-gen platform owners will have to wait a bit for the update to arrive.

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