Diablo 4 Twitch Drops Offer Exclusive Skin, Content For Subscriptions

A recently-confirmed leak has revealed that Diablo 4 Twitch drops will be coming on June 5 and offering exclusive content, including a mount.

Diablo 4 is getting closer and closer to its actual release date, and now according to different reports, between June 5 and July 2, players can subscribe to affiliated Twitch channels in order to get special Diablo 4 Twitch drops. This even includes a special skin for your mount.

Originally, the leak came from a Redditor named Uberkull on the official Diablo 4 subreddit. However, it was later proven to be legitimate from a statement by Adam Fletcher, Blizzard’s Global Community Development Director, so we now know that this is actually happening.

By subscribing to two different affiliated Twitch channels, players will be able to gain the Primal Instinct skin for their mount, turning it into a hellish horse engraved with demonic symbols. Fletcher also confirmed that there will be other, more standard drops, though he did not elaborate.

Diablo 4 has had multiple different promotions like this in the recent past in order to further promote the game, each one offering various different cosmetic rewards. We can likely expect the other Twitch drops to be something similar.

In the game’s open beta, for reaching Level 20 players get two titles and a pet known as the Beta Wolf Pack, a wolf pup that will accompany your character. Killing the boss Ashava the Pestilent will gain you another cosmetic mount, the Cry of Ashava. By purchasing certain items from the Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant chain from May 29 to July 2, they can get more in-game items as well, though as the event hasn’t started yet, the rewards are unknown.

While we don’t know exactly what these Diablo 4 Twitch drops will end up being, we’ll likely find out as the game gets closer to its release date. Considering that’s now only roughly three weeks away, hopefully the wait won’t be too much longer. Diablo 4 will be releasing on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, and PC on June 6.

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