Diablo 4 Scorched Debts Walkthrough

In the Sorched Debts quest, you have to find a way to break the Ledger's curse by defeating the Orrosus Collector demon in Diablo 4.

The Scorched Debts is an Act 4 side quest in Diablo 4 which is found in the Dry Steppes region. The quest is quite tricky for even older players as it requires one of the most confusing objectives to complete.

Your main task during this side quest is to break the Ledger’s curse. To prevent you from being confused, we have prepared this Diablo 4 Scorched Debts walkthrough to help you complete the quest and claim the rewards.

How to start the quest

To begin the Scorches Debts side quest in Diablo 4, you must complete the series of quests prior to taking part in this side quest. The Scorched Debts is the third quest of the Arbiter of the Steppes quest chain.

Once you have completed the previous quests, you must head over to the Dry Steppes region and make your way southwest from the Bastard’s pass to reach the quest objective.

How to reach the starting location of Scorched Debts in Diablo 4.

The quickest way to reach Bastard’s pass is by teleporting to the Onyx Watchtower stronghold waypoint in the Onyx Watchtower area. Using the waypoints, head west to easily reach the side quest area.

Once you have access to the area, you must interact with the Scorched Debt Ledger found on the Bastard’s pass ground to start the Scorched Debts side quest in Diablo 4.


How to complete Scorched Debts in Diablo 4

Scorched Debt is an easy-to-understand side quest. However, due to it being one of the lengthiest side quests in Diablo 4, you will be left confused with the objectives associated with this quest.

Below we have given a detailed completion of each objective given to you as a part of the Scorched Debt side quest in D4.

Defeat Andreea the Shadow

As you kick start the Scorched Debt side quest, you will soon be given the objective to visit the Lakren’s Overlook. The area is nearby and you can reach it easily with your mount.

Talk to Andreea the Shadow at the bandit camp and once the interaction is over, defeat her along with the rest of the bandits.

Seek the holder of the Ledger

To seek the Ledger, you must interact with a series of characters. Starting off with Urgem who is found in Ked Berdu.

Speaking to him points the objectives towards Svea. She can be found at the Blacksmith. Talk to her as she reveals that she is not interested in the Ledger.

However, she does send you to meet Setsgi the local healer. Your next stop is at the local healer, Setsgi. Talk to her and she informs you that the book is with her brother Lyruk.

Visit the Crown of Fiends

Lyruk is found in the Crown of Fiends. He is found southwest of the area which is a walk away from the Fate’s Retreat waypoint.

After reaching the area, talk to Lyruk who then suggests that you destroy the book immediately.

However, as soon as you try to burn it in the near campfire, you will be bombarded by a wave of Fallen Friends. Therefore, as a last resort, Lyruk summons the being that owns the Ledger.

Defeat the Orrosus Collector

Follow Lyruk to the summoning ground where he performs the ritual to summon Orrosus Collector. As the demon is summoned, defeat it to break the Ledgers curse and complete the Scorched Debts side quest in Diablo, and earn 20+ Renown and 1x Murmuring Cache.

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