How To Get Opportunist’s Aspect In Diablo 4 

The Opportunist's Aspect is a Reogu-specific aspect in Diablo 4 that allows you to damage and stun enemies whenever you break stealth.

The Opportunist’s Aspect is a legendary offensive aspect in Diablo 4 that can only be used by the Rogue class.

The opportunist’s aspect will drop grenades around you when break stealth. These will damage enemies and also stun them for a short duration. This can be useful when you want to rush enemies and destroy them before they have a chance to react. Since the rogue is all about delivering high-damage bursts to your enemies, this aspect will work well with it.

Here is how you can get your hands on the Opportunist’s Aspect in Diablo 4.  

Opportunist’s Aspect location in Diablo 4 

prison of caldeum location diablo 4

In order to get the Opportunist’s aspect, you need to make your way to the Prison of Caldeum Dungeon. You’ll find it in the sub-region of Caldeum in Kehjistan. The dungeon is located in the southwestern part of the map in Diablo 4.

You need to have progressed the campaign to the point you get access to the Caldeum region to take on this dungeon.

In this dungeon, you need to first bring down the Warden and get the keys. Secondly, you have to harvest Animus from Animus Carriers. Once this is done, the path to the Scourge of the Land boss will be open. You need to defeat it to finish this dungeon and get the Opportunist’s Aspect.


Opportunist’s Aspect builds in Diablo 4 

This aspect can be utilized most efficiently with Rogue Leveling build and Cold Steel Rogue. Both builds incorporate stealth gameplay mechanics into their playstyles. Since this aspect works off stealth and breaking from it, both builds will make good use of this aspect.

Alternatively, you can use this aspect in any other build which uses stealth mechanics. As long as it is there, the aspect will get activated.

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