Diablo 4 The Only Cure Walkthrough

In The Only Cure quest, you have to find a cure for Mahjoob in Diablo 4 as quickly as possible; before taking on the Fly Demon.

As you explore the region of Kehjistan in Diablo 4, you will soon engage in several side quests such as The Only Cure that reward you with valuable loot.

This side quest is given to you at the Amber Sands and is associated with the character known as Mahjoob who is suffering from an illness and requires an immediate recovery. It is now your task to find the remedy to cure Mahjoob before it is too late.

How to start the quest

Initially, the Only Cure side quest will be locked in Diablo 4. In order to access it, you must first complete a prerequisite side quest known as the Road to the Ruins which is considered as an escort mission.

During this quest, you must follow Mahjoob into his safehouse and interact with him to start the Only Cure side quest in D4.

To reach Mahjoob’s safehouse, you must head over to the Amber Sand area in the Kehjistan region. You can teleport to the nearest waypoint of Tarsarak which is south of the Scouring Sands area.

The starting location of The Only Cure quest in Diablo 4.

Use the waypoint to travel northwest and come across Mahjoob sitting outside his safehouse where you will be given the Only Cure side quest in Diablo 4.  


How to complete The Only Cure in Diablo 4

Once you have completed the prerequisite side quest by following Mahjoob to his safehouse. You will initiate the Only Cure side quest in Diablo 4. As you interact with him, you will be given a series of objectives to complete.

These objectives are pretty simple and you can easily complete them. Below we have given all the objectives needed to complete the Only Cure side quest in D4.

Talk to Mahjoob outside the safehouse

As you interact with Mahjoob outside his safehouse, he informs you that he possesses a good amount of gold inside his safehouse. As the conversation ends, the door to his safehouse opens and you are welcome to enter it while Mahjoob follows you inside.

Bring the Ghost Palm to Mahjoob

As you enter the safehouse, you must head over through the entrance inside to reach the left-most area where you will find a chest above the staircase. Loot the chest to acquire the Ghost Palm and take it to Mahjoob who follows you inside the safehouse.

Defeat the Fly Demon

After giving Mahjoob the Ghost Palm, he transforms into a Fly Demon at the center of his safehouse. If you are playing the side quest at a higher difficulty, then you might have problems defeating this elite enemy.

During this fight, the Fly Demon performs Leach attacks that cure him while draining the life out of you. Therefore, make sure to break the LoS (Line of Sight) to escape the damage caused by his Leach attack.

Furthermore,  you must drag the fight to the other room at the exit where you will come across a well. Here you can easily LoS the Fly Demon which prevents him from performing any high-damage dealing attacks.

This will result in his defeat and you will receive 1x Elixir Cache, +20 Kehjistan Reown, Gold, and Experience as a reward for defeating the Fly Demon.

The Only Cure Mahjoob heal bug fix

Several players have issued their complaints as they are facing a major bug with the Only Cure side quest in Diablo 4. The bug occurs after healing Mahjoob with the Ghost Palm. As he heals, he periodically heals for at least 1/3rd of his health making him unstoppable.

This bug mostly occurs when facing the Fly Demon at Tier 3. Therefore, make sure that you are at Tier 1 when facing the transformation of Mahjoob during the Only Cure side quest in D4.

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