Diablo 4 Hammer Of The Champion Walkthrough

The Hammer of the Champion has you help out the Bear Tribe Refuge in Diablo 4 retrieve their chief's weapon. Here's how you do it!

The side-quest of Hammer of the Champion in Diablo 4 is part of the quest chain related to the Bear Tribe. As such, it can be started in the Bear Tribe Refuge in the Fractured Peaks. 

The Hammer of the Champion quest is about acquiring the Grizzly’s Maul weapon from the dungeon of Rimescar Caverns. The Chieftain’s champion, Baltok went out to retrieve it but he got killed by a Khazra demon. The chief wants you to get it instead.

Here’s how you can finish this quest.

How to start the quest

bear tribe refuge location

In order to start the quest of Hammer of the Champion, you will have to reach the location of Bear Tribe Refuge. You can find this zone in the region Seat of the Heavens in Fractured Peaks. 

This zone of Bear Tribe Refuge can be found in the east on the Diablo 4 Map. The closest way to reach Bear Tribe Refuge is through the Frigid Expanse sub-region. 

As you reach this location, you need to go inside and find the quest giver named Gregonach. You will have a conversation with him in which you will get to know the story. The Chieftain’s Champion, Baltok, has been killed as he went to retrieve Grizzly’s Maul. He now needs your help in getting it.


How to complete Hammer of the Champion in Diablo 4 

If you want to complete the quest of Hammer of the Champion in Diablo 4, you must finish the required objectives of this quest. These are mentioned below. 

Enter the Rimescar Cavern and acquire the Grizzly’s Maul 

In order to make your way to the dungeon of The Rimescar Cavern, you first need to conquer the stronghold of Malok. The Malok stronghold can be found when you go south from the Bear Tribe Refuge. 

Once you conquered the Malok stronghold, you need to make your way to the Rimescar Cavern which will now be available. You have to clear all the enemies residing in this dungeon so you can get the Grizzly’s Maul.

Acquire Grizzly’s Maul

You will reach the room where you will fight with most of the dungeon’s enemies. You will also find there are two levers, which you need to pull. 

This will grant you access inside the Uncharted Depths. Once you reach there, you will find the impaled Champion Baltok. You need to interact with it and you’ll be able to loot the Maul.

Return the Grizzly’s Maul to Gregonach 

Once you collected this weapon, make your way back to the Bear Tribe Refuge. Exit the dungeon and use the Waypoint to teleport there direct. Now go to Gregonach and give him Grizzly’s Maul. 

As you give the Maul to Gregonach, he will give it back to you as a reward for the completion of this quest. Along with that, you will also get experience, gold, and Renown. 

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