How To Get Fastblood Aspect In Diablo 4

If you are looking to reduce the cooldown of your Necromancer's ultimate skill, you need to have the Fastblood Aspect in Diablo 4.

If you are looking to reduce the cooldown of your Necromancer’s ultimate skill, you need to have the Fastblood Aspect in Diablo 4.

This legendary aspect, however, can only be triggered through your blood orbs, so make sure to have them from the Necromancer skill tree. Every time you pick up a blood orb, your ultimate cooldown gets reduced by a second.

In other words, clearing out large groups of enemies can bring your ultimate back up fairly quickly.

Fastblood Aspect location in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 Fastblood Aspect map location

The Iron Hold dungeon within the Ruins of Rakhat Keep needs to be cleared out before you can add the Fastblood Aspect to your Codex of Power.

To find this dungeon, you will have to travel to the west side of the Hawezar Region. Unlocking the Ruins of Rakhat Keep: Inner Court Waypoint will give you quick access to nearby dungeons as well such as Steadfast Barracks, Akkhan’s Grasp, and Serpent’s Lair.

After reaching this waypoint, you can simply continue north, and after a while, you will reach the Iron Hold dungeon.


Once you enter it, you will have to complete some objectives like killing the Malevolent Spector, collecting Jailer’s key, and finally killing the enemy boss, Scourge of the Land.

Fastblood Aspect builds in Diablo 4

This Utility Aspect can be used with the following Endgame Necromancer builds in Diablo 4. These include:

  • Blood Surge Necromancer Build
  • Blood Lance Necromancer Build

So you can equip the Fastblood Aspect onto your chest armor like Blood Artisan’s Cuirass, and this will increase its stats in D4.

Once you end up picking some Blood Orbs, a free Bone Spirit will appear and aid you by dealing bonus damage equivalent to your health onto enemy hordes in Diablo 4.

Similarly, you need to keep in mind that this utility aspect will work best with Paragons such as the legendary Board Blood Begets Blood and also the rare-glyph Blood-Drinker in Diablo 4.

So make sure to base your Necro-build around this Legendary Board if you are going to use the Fastblood Aspect in D4.

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