Diablo 4 Has Camps That Need To Be Liberated

Blizzard Entertainment has made a commitment to enrich the open world of Diablo 4 with all sorts of different activities that will include some new debuts.

While discussing the ongoing development in the latest episode of a series of quarterly updates, game director Luis Barriga revealed that Diablo 4 will have camps that can be liberated for bonuses. They will presumably be discovered through exploration and not by any main or side quests. By claiming camps, players will not only open new waypoints for fast-traveling but also gain access to vendors as the camps get turned into friendly outposts.

Barriga pointed out that camps will be backed by their own backstories of how they came to be overrun by enemies. For example, one of the camps in the Dry Steppes region is being haunted by a spirit that brought the dead back to life as skeleton warriors. The villagers had no choice but to abandon their homes.

Diablo 4 will allow players to liberate these locations and reclaim them for the common folks. Barriga referred to the open world activity as “an impact of seeing the world change” after players take back camps to cleanse an entire region.

Barriga furthermore revealed how the storytelling of Diablo 4 will be changed. Blizzard will be using real-time cutscenes for the most important moments in the narrative, which the developer described as treating the storytelling like a movie. The in-game conversations with characters will also be adjusted by bringing in the camera closer for a more personal touch.

Beyond the quarterly updates, nothing more or substantial is known about Diablo 4. The much-awaited installment in the franchise remains in active development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC without any release window. However, with the next-generation consoles around the corner, and speculations that Diablo 4 will release somewhere around 2022, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X could potentially make the cut as well.

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