Diablo 4 Might Have Appeared On Blizzard Battle.net Launcher

Diablo 4 reportedly appeared on the official Blizzard Battle.net Launcher earlier today for a few seconds before being removed.

Diablo 4 remains in the shadows and that too quite literally. Blizzard Entertainment has made it fairly obvious that development is not anywhere near completion. Fans have however begun hoping against hope that a potential release may be possibly near.

According to a recent posting on Reddit, Diablo 4 appeared on the official Blizzard Battle.net launcher earlier today but without the option of downloading. The game has since then been removed from both the live and beta launchers.

While many fans are under the impression that Blizzard may be opening up pre-orders, the developer was likely distributing an internal build of the game through the launcher for testing purposes. It was just a coincidence that a few players were able to see the listing on their launchers at the time.

Take note that an encrypted build for something called Project Fenris was discovered a few years back on the launcher as well and which was highly believed to be the internal code name of Diablo 4.

Taking pre-orders right now would either way be foolish since a release is speculated to be at least a couple of years away. Even a beta build is not expected to arrive within the next year, at least based on how Blizzard has only been sharing quarterly updates about potential design changes to the game.

The only thing confirmed right now is that Diablo 4 remains in development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It goes without saying that a release on the new PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles can be also expected to take place, alongside Nintendo Switch as well considering that the hybrid console received the most recent installment in the end.

Diablo 4 promises to be a darker and gritty installment. Blizzard wants to return to earlier franchise roots by taking pages out of the critically acclaimed Diablo 2.

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