Diablo 3 Seasons Do Not Require Nintendo Switch Online Subscription

Rumors about Nintendo Switch users requiring a subscription to play Diablo 3 were spreading fast.  Developers stepped in this time to let the users know that there is nothing to worry about. Diablo 3 seasons won’t require a Nintendo Switch subscription.

Seasons mode of Diablo 3 allows the player to engage in the gameplay for rewards. Moreover, it also helps them to climb the ladder for developing your characters. Seasons allow the players to increase their character’s level in this way.

Blizzard Entertainment decided to break this news via their official website. Their Community Manager named Nevalistis posted a note to the fans in this regard. Nevalistis commented on the discussion forum:

I see there’s some confusion about the necessity of the Nintendo Switch Online service in relations to the upcoming Diablo III: Eternal Collection. To clarify, access to playing Seasons does not require a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. However, access to online multiplayer does.

Community manager hopes this would clarify any misconceptions about Diablo 3 Seasons. Moreover, the same goes for all other gaming platforms of the game. So, Diablo 3 features the same functions regardless of the console.

Furthermore, the developers and publishers of Diablo 3 Eternal Collection denied another gossip. Blizzard Entertainment has given their clear take on not featuring Diablo 3 crossplay.

Diablo 3 Switch is coming out in a week or so and deals are also available. Nintendo announced that Switch bundle is coming out for GameStop only. Now, that everything is clear about the seasonal play of the game, it is about time to buy the Switch port.


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