Diablo 3 Switch Gameplay Shown Off At Gamescom, Game Looks Great

With news now broken of Diablo 3 coming to the Nintendo Switch, Gamescom has shown off a small amount of Diablo 3 Switch gameplay, showing the player character and a companion moving through a Greater Nephalem Rift, one of the various challenge areas that could be found in various areas of Diablo.

Diablo 3 has previously been ported to every other possible platform, including Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC, and now it’s coming to the Nintendo Switch. The game will include the DLC that’s been released for the game, both the Reaper of Souls story expansion and the new Necromancer character, hence why it’s being called the “Eternal Edition.”

Along with the DLC, the Diablo 3 Switch game is including a large amount of Zelda content, such as the ability to transmogrify your armor to look like Ganondorf, angel wings inspired by Majora’s Mask, and possibly more, though currently Blizzard isn’t saying anything about it.

The Diablo 3 Switch gameplay footage seems like it’s fairly similar to regular Diablo 3 gameplay, where players make their way through sprawling dungeons and make use of powerful abilities to slaughter huge amounts of enemies in order to get powerful weapons and gear that can help you slaughter even huger amounts of enemies.

While that means that the game is hardly different from its other versions, the fact that the Diablo 3 Switch gameplay looks just like how the game plays on its other platforms just means that it made the transition to the Nintendo Switch beautifully. And, considering the portability of the Switch, you can play it on the go.

You can see the Diablo 3 Switch gameplay by yourself by looking further up the article, and the game will be coming out for the console in the third quarter of this year, likely meaning sometime either in September or later this month.