Diablo 3 On Nintendo Switch Definitely Happening, Leak Suggests

This is not the first time we are digging into the story of Diablo 3 On Nintendo Switch console. We have had some reference to this news in the past as well, some a little too recent. However, this is the latest one and comes in a form of leak.

The leak appears to be a form of a mistake, which apparently all leaks are that is why they are all called leaks. Now it seems to be that a Redditor was lucky enough to spot a news that seems to give confirmation about Diablo 3 finally making its way to Nintendo Switch.

From what we know so far is that the leak was posted on Forbes so that adds to the credibility, now however it seems to have been removed. Based on the claims, it appears to be that the news, also revealed Switch exclusive features as well, like an armor set and some exclusive items.

Back in March, we have had multiple various rumors which suggested Diablo 3 On Nintendo Switch, in fact, there was a report which attempted to add the same. Apart from that we also have had some potential teases from Blizzard Entertainment themselves, which they soon denied as well.

So not sure why Blizzard, would keep on denying this news since everyone is pretty sure that it is happening. Probably one explanation, cashing it in, every ounce of popularity that adds to the hype, is being captured by them to market it when the genuine time comes, which we do not know of.

So previous rumors or this latest one, one thing is pretty obvious that Diablo 3 On Nintendo Switch is a definite. What are your thoughts on the news, are you excited or do you think that until the company officially reveals this news, we should not ride the hype bar? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.