Diablo 3 Console Port Confirmed?

It was back in summer when we heard Diablo 3 Console rumors for the first time after Blizzard hired Lead Guy for the console project. No one knew at that time what was the console project Blizzard is working on and who is the guy, but thanks to the community manager at Blizzard, Micah Whiple – We now know the answer to both of these questions.

Yes, Blizzard is stepping away from Diablo PC exclusivity and working on a console port confirmed Micah Whiple when asked about by a fan on Twitter. You can check the conversation in the screenshot below and it is pretty straightforward.

So, now that we know they are working on a console version of the game, who in the living World will explain why they are delaying the damn game too much and why in the living hell we still don’t have any release date.

It may not be the final verdict and our dear community manager may have spoken before his turn, but still he is the guy in the mainstream of the company, who knows stuff, so it is believable. We will keep you posted for more on Diablo 3 as it happens, be it on console or NOT!

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