Diablo 3 Will Finally Achieve 4K/60FPS On Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X will finally run Diablo 3 at glorious 4K resolution with crispy, sharp textures in 60 frames per second.

Diablo 3 runs on Xbox Series X through backwards compatibility but what many players might not be aware of is that the game runs its Xbox One S version instead of the Xbox One X version.

Diablo 3 has hence been locked at 1080p on Xbox Series X rather than 4K, and the reason why the game looks blurry on the console. Those low-resolution 1080p textures though are about to be improved.

Taking to Twitter on the weekend, global community development lead Adam Fletcher confirmed that “a fix” will be rolled out for the next season. That means Xbox Series X will finally join the ranks of its other console counterpart and run Diablo 3 at glorious 4K resolution with crispy, sharp textures in 60 frames per second.

Diablo 3 is currently hosting Season 25 which introduced Soul Shards as a new gameplay mechanic by which players can obtain unique modifiers to enhance their gear. The current season is expected to conclude somewhere in Spring but there is unfortunately no official word on when Season 26 will arrive.

Elsewhere, chief Mike Ybarra promised a couple of weeks back that Blizzard Entertainment will soon be relaying its future plans for all of its flagships. News about World of Warcraft and Overwatch will be the first to arrive, followed by Diablo.

Overwatch 2 and Diablo 4, two highly anticipated sequels, were delayed last year to somewhere in 2023. The fan-base has been growing restless over the development status of both games and it reasons that Blizzard Entertainment will want to quell any concerns by providing much-needed updates.

Diablo 4 will be launching with five playable classes: the barbarian, the sorceress, the druid, and the rogue which was the last to be revealed. Blizzard Entertainment remains to reveal that fifth and last class.

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