Diablo 2 Resurrected Gold Find Barbarian Build

This is our Diablo 2 Resurrected Gold Find Barbarian Build guide. Many characters can be converted to gold finders but the most effective class for the job are barbarians. Their stats and the ability to duel wield is best for farming.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Gold Find Barbarian Build

Like all classes, there’re a number of ‘How To Play Barbarian‘ styles you can go with. This guide is mainly focused on building your ideal farming machine.

Gold Find Barbarians are the character builds that are the most expert at farming for gold or magic items. The combination of skills, and especially gear is organized in such a way that they would become effective money-making machines.

This build however cannot last against ubers or Dclone, meaning you can only farm, farm and farm, no bosses or hard fights. If you’re looking for Barbarian Builds more suited for PvM and PvP, you might want to check out our other Barbarian Builds!


Put one point each in the following;

  • Find item
  • Battle command
  • Increased stamina
  • Increased speed
  • Iron Skin
  • Leap
  • Leap Attack
  • War Cry

Moving on to the main skills for this build:

Battle orders(maxed-out): Increases, max mana, max stamins and life of your party.

Berserk (maxed-out): Increases attack damage rating ant the cost of defense rating. +10 % howl and Shout per level.

Shout (maxed-out): Improves defense rating of the party. + seconds of battle orders and battle command per level.

Howl (maxed-out): Causes nearby enemies to flee in fear.

Sword mastery(maxed-out): Increases effectiveness with swords.


The strength and dexterity requirements are only there for you to be able to equip the gear you want to. You need only level them up to the max required for gear.

We need to put the rest into vitality because we need the survivability to farm longer. We don’t need to put any point into energy, because we’ll try to fulfill our mana requirements through our gear stats.

Strength: 100+ (or till you can meet the maximum gear requirements)

Dexterity: 100+ (or till you can meet the maximum gear requirements)

Vitality: All of the remainder, usually 350+

Energy: 0

Best Gear for Gold Find Barbarian in Diablo 2 Resurrected

Weapon (Both Hands)

The weapon of choice for our build is Dimensional Blades.

  • +2 attack rating
  • +60 Extra gold from monsters
  • Maximum durability increased by 12


For the armor, we have chosen the Mage Plate Lemkotir.

  • 261 Defence
  • 60 Durability
  • +10 to Dexterity
  • +2 mana after each kill
  • 300% Extra gold from monsters
  • 100% better chance of getting Magic items


We have chosen the Berserker’s Circlet of Wealth helmet that fits well with the armor.

  • +2 Barbarian Skill Levels
  • 168% Extra Gold from monsters


For the gloves, we have made the choice of choosing the Chain Gloves.

  • 26 Defence
  • 16 Durability
  • +26 to attack rating
  • +30% enhanced defense
  • +16 defense
  • +2 Light radius
  • 200% Extra gold from monsters
  • 40% better chance of getting Magic items


Raven Frost is the ring of our choice.

  • +150-250 to Attack Rating
  • +15-45 Cold Damage
  • +15-20 to Dexterity
  • +40 to Mana
  • Cold Absorb 20%
  • Cannot Be Frozen


The belt of choice for this build is the Loath Lash Sharkskin belt.

  • +24% faster hit recovery
  • +19 to strength
  • 6% increased cold resistance
  • +26% Lighting resistance
  • +26% Fire resistance
  • 77% extra gold from monsters


For the boots, we have chosen Stone Nails Greaves.

  • +30% faster run/walk
  • +61% enhanced defense
  • +30% Cold resistance
  • +28% Fire resistance
  • 79% extra gold from monsters
  • 12% better chance of finding magical items.


Dread Mark Amulet is our amulet of choice by far.

  • +18 to Strength
  • +30% Lightning resistance
  • +37% Fire resistance
  • 78% extra gold from monsters

As you can tell, the major part of the gold find build relies on the gear you equip. So, make sure you find the best ones and edit your attributes and skills to circumvent any holes left by the selective gear you equip for your character.

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