We May See Godzilla in Monster Hunter World

In an exclusive interview Capcom devs talked about Monster Hunter and the choices of monsters they would like to have in the franchise. Devs stated that they would like to see Godzilla in Monster Hunter World.

The game producer Ryozo Tsujimoto; director, Yuya Tokuda and executive director/art director, Kaname Fujioka shed lights on the creatures that make this game amazing. While in the conversation they also revealed their choices for Monster they want to include in Monster Hunter World.

Monsters are fantastic creatures that draw inspiration from design and refer to different animals in the real world. We also rely on some aspects of non-living objects, depending on the type of gameplay we want to express, for example, Legiana is able to fly freely, so we wanted its wings to give the feeling of controlling air resistance.

Taking about how complex these monsters are in the game, Fujioka said that these flying monsters have been made more complex than they actually should be. However, for Tokuda, Nergigante the flagship monster is his favorite because not only is he powerful but is a perfect monster.

Following that he talked about the monsters they would include in the game, Tokuda said,

I adore Warcraft, so probably the Frost Wyrm or Sindragosa would be perfect.

While what really seems to have taken over the excitement was when Fujioka revealed Godzilla.

I choose Gigan from Godzilla

The game as you know is the top selling game for Capcom, exceeding 7.9 million sales. It seems like a perfect time for the company, to reveal monsters but not just any monsters, only the amazing ones and apparently that is exactly what the devs seem to be doing.

So now unleashing Godzilla like monsters, is something that will continue to keep the players glued to their seats. However, this game has had few bumps along the road, as it rolled out but still, it has been successful.

Do you think that adding Godzilla will keep the interest of the players intact? Let us know what you think in the comments below.