Devil May Cry 5 Weapons Guide – How to Unlock, All Weapons, Abilities, Tips

Capcom’s DMC5 Weapons include weapons for V, Nero, and Dante. Learn how to unlock these DMC5 Weapons, Abilities, Combos, and some general tips.

Devil May Cry 5 Weapons

In Devil May Cry 5, you will command three characters i.e. Dante, Nero, and V. Each of them has DMC5 weapons with massive customization options and a huge number of abilities.

Figuring out the upgrades for the weapons that each character wields is a great way to play the game the way you want it which is why we have prepared this guide for all the deep customization options and abilities you can unlock.


Red Queen
How to Unlock: Default

This is a special anti-demon sword created for Nero and it delivers a lot of damage in just a few strikes. The fitted combustion “Exceed” engine gives it even more destructive power when revved up.

You will use this weapon to chain most of your combo attacks together, and it is good for almost any situation. Worthwhile abilities to unlock include:

A magnificent rushing attack that sweeps up surrounding enemies. This ability is a lot like Dante’s “Stinger,” but ends in a large slash rather than a fast combination of stabs.

This is a great way to close the distance on enemies who are guarding against ranged attacks.

Roulette Spin
While in the air, spin the Red Queen’s blade, cutting up enemies. This attack will allow you to gain a little altitude. You can use this to keep certain enemies out of the fight while you deal with their friends.

Nero will quickly take a step back to avoid an attack, rush forward and counter with a fast, powerful blow. This is ideal for faster bosses and against single enemies keep moving. It does a lot of damage and you can attach a chain to it.

Nero does a swift mid-air strike at an enemy on the ground below. This is a finishing move after juggling an enemy in the air and can be repeated multiple times when paired with Wire Snatch.

Blue Rose
How to Unlock: Default

The Blue Rose is a special multi-barreled revolver that fire two powerful rounds at the same time. It does a lot of damage while also being quick enough to use in a pinch so you get the best of both. Its abilities include:

Color Up
Load multiple rounds in the barrel and do much more damage. This is useful for disabling certain enemies while you focus on others.

Charge Shot
Channel the power from your body into the Blue Rose launch an extremely powerful round at an enemy, sending them flying backward.

Charge Shot takes quite a bit of time to prepare so Hold X while attacking to build up the charge, but the damage it does makes it great for finishing off enemies at long range.

Devil Breakers
Built to replace Nero’s lost arm, Devil Breakers allow him to give him access to special attacks based on the one equipped. It comes with its own abilities.

Wire Snatch
This move allows him to pull smaller enemies towards him, or repel himself in front of larger enemies.

This attack keeps combos strung together with your increasing style rank. Most of Nero’s attacks knock enemies back so be sure to upgrade the Wire Snatch completely to use it from longer distances. The different types of Devil Breakers are:

How to Unlock: Default

You are initial Devil Breaker, the Overture Damages enemies with electric bursts. It is effective against bosses with big weak points.

Punch Line
How to Unlock: Defeat Goliath Boss in Mission 02

Fires rocket punches at enemies, dealing damage over time and allowing you to simultaneously slash with the Red Queen or fire the Blue Rose.

Buster Arm
Uses special “Buster” technique to do enormous damage to enemies. It has low durability and is extremely expensive to replace so use it in one on one fights.

How to Unlock: Early Nero Missions

Produces a special force field that slows time in a small bubble. Best for when enemies are crowded together near Nero, as you can then tie them up in a combo before the ability runs its course. It is not particularly effective against larger bosses.

How to Unlock: Defeat Gilgamesh in Mission 06

Swings an incredibly impressive whip that boosts Nero’s Wire Snatch skill, deals damage to all nearby targets and does great crowd management if you are being backed into a corner.


Dante uses multiple swords over the course of the game and your moves carry over to each one. Their attacks are fast and vicious and are best used alongside at least one other melee weapon. The abilities include:

Stinger with Million Stab
These two abilities work together in perfect harmony. The Stinger is a high-speed lunge attack toward the enemy that skewers them through the middle. The Million Stab ends the move with a series of insanely fast strikes.

Swords Formation
Conjures swords to fight alongside you. They disappear after a set amount of time.

Devil Sword Sparda
How to Unlock: Mission 10: Awaken

Named after Dante’s demon father, this creation holds an immense demonic power within, because it was used to seal away the former demon king Mundus.

How to Unlock: Default

This is a Devil Arm that is empowered by the sealed power of the king of Fire Hell and it essentially functions as two weapons, as it transforms between Kick Mode & Blow Mode.

You can swap between the two instantly, and it is great for hand on hand combat. Abilities to acquire include:

A high-flying kick that launches enemies upward and is a good alternative to the “back-plus-melee”. You can start a combo with it.

Rolling Blaze
Damage enemies by discharging a blast wave when you jump in the air. Great for getting you out of danger.

How to Unlock: Mission 11: Reason

Dante rips a motorcycle in half to use as melee weapons. It is the slowest melee weapon in-game but when it is great for taking down armored targets.

At the end of certain attacks, you can also grind enemies into its wheels for even more damage. The abilities include:

Cross Line
Dante crosses two halves of the bike over for an extremely for a devastating slam attack which hurts armored enemies.

In midair, Dante does serious damage with the Cavaliere and then heads upwards towards the enemy he hit.

Drags airborne enemies into the spinning wheels and dives into a backbreaking ground impact.

King Cerberus
How to Unlock: Defeat King Cerberus

A versatile, shape-shifting weapon that can take the form of nunchucks or a powerful staff, depending on which button you press. It is available late in the game, and it is great for quickly damaging enemies on the ground. Its abilities are:

Spin violently into the air and bring chains down on the enemy.

Long Revolver
Do many full-length spins after electrifying your weapon.

Send huge glacial blades at enemy targets at long-distance.

Ebony and Ivory
How to Unlock: Default

Dante’s classic dual pistols, with impressive range and rapid fire. They do not do much damage but are quick. Their abilities include:

Charge Shot
Dante charges up both pistols with demonic power and does several seconds of rapid-fire shots that deal great damage and keep a combo going.

How to Unlock: Default

A powerful shotgun with a short range that has been modified by Dante to help in his fight against the demons.

It does tremendous close range damage and is perfect for killing flying enemies. Make sure you get the below ability to get the most out of it.

Charge Shell
Channel your demonic power into a solid slug shot that takes a long time to charge up, but if used at the very beginning of a battle, can help you quickly gain momentum.

Kalina Ann and Double Kalina Ann
How to Unlock: Mission 11: Reason

A rocket launcher acquired near the end of Devil May Cry 5, the Kalina Ann is perfect for dealing damage from afar to larger enemies and bosses.

It is less useful in hectic fights against multiple targets. A second launcher can be found and turn the weapon into the Double Kalina Ann.

High Explosive
Launch a powered-up missile packed with high explosive for extra damage.

Charges up a powerful beam of energy that pierces through targets.

Dr. Faust
How to Unlock: Mission 13: Three Warriors

Dr. Faust is hand given to Dante by Nico through which he can exchange Red Orbs for a powerful and rapid-fire projectile attack. However, we would recommend you use those red orbs on other abilities in your first run of the game.

Man in Red
Carpets the area around you in red orbs that deal damage when they hit enemies. Used in conjunction with other attacks to do extra damage and expends the red orbs you have.

Hat Trick
Inflicts damage on all enemies hit by Set Hat while absorbing Red Orbs.

How to Unlock: Default

His demon father Sparda left this sword to Dante. Despite its size, it is not slow and can be swung around fast to make quick and painful slashes at enemies.


Trigger Heart
This ability reduces the rate Devil Trigger expends while Nightmare is active.

Griffon is a wise-cracking raven that specializes in thunder attacks that can hit long-range targets. It can also lift V and fly around with him in two.

His attacks include standard electricity bolts to wear down enemies, along with larger area-of-effect attacks.

Summons lightning down that does damage to anyone within its radius and finishes off weaker enemies.

Flank Attack
Charges forward at enemies and launches them into the air.

Double Check
Fires an electric shock that slams into enemies.

Griffon Vigor
Increase Griffin’s defense and prevents “stalemating” from occurring before it can get in some more hits.

Griffon Vim
Reduces the time for the Griffon to come back from a stalemate.

A deadly panther that transforms into different forms – needles, blades, etc. and is capable of dealing damage to multiple targets at a time but functions best in one-on-one combat.

Shadow dives forward and dashes ahead, attacking with tentacles in front as it moves.

While in midair, does a spinning charge attack on enemies. Press RB + LS forward for a diving charge, or RB + LS back for a drop attack.

Shadow Vigor
Increases defense and time before stalemate, identically to Griffon’s ability.

Shadow Vim
Allows Shadow to recover from a stalemate more quickly.

A hulking, golem-like brutal beast that appears after activating V’s Devil Trigger ability, to fight for you until the meter is empty. Use it for bigger fights since it can annihilate targets.

Nightmare fires a large laser from its eye straight ahead after performing an “Illegal Move,” which is done by moving the stick backward and then forward.