Devil May Cry 5 V Character Guide

Our V Character Guide will help you learn all about playing as this new character in Devil May Cry 5 and the tools at his disposal.

In this Devil May Cry 5 V Character guide, we are going to tell you about how to play as the newcomer V along with tips for his abilities, familiars and devil trigger in DMC 5.

Devil May Cry 5 V Character Guide

V’s character is very different from any character you have played before in the Devil May Cry series. The player is very unique and almost a mystery at the start of the game.

How to Play as V in DMC 5

He mostly just observes the fights from a distance but can actually also take part if he wants to control his demons manually. His three demons, namely Griffon, Shadow, and Nightmare.

These are the ones who leave the enemies vulnerable and then V uses his cane to end them by hitting them with the last attack.

Griffon and Shadow are actually the ones that the players have to deal with more though Nightmare is not so behind.

Griffin and Shadow, if are not being handled manually, tend to fight immediately when released by going closer to the enemy and attacking them.


Griffon can transform into a bird and Shadow can transform himself into a beast. Griffon is more of a long ranged attacker while Shadow might or might not stay close to V.

If the wave of your enemies increases, you can use both the demons simultaneously.

V mostly will stay far off while both the demons fight V’s fight and will be completely vulnerable to attack. If you ever see an enemy coming towards him, make sure to reposition V closer to the demons again.

Shadow can use his Breakthrough ability here as well, which is him repositioning himself to a different side of the battleground, preferably close to V while doing some sick damage to the enemies.

Griffon can use his Flank Attack that will wipe off the enemies on the battleground and will do greater damage to the ones with higher durability. Shadow’s powerful attack is Skewer.

This is a long-ranged attack and will do some good damage to a group of enemies.

The health bars of Griffon and Shadow are below the health bar of V. Keep an eye on them and when you see them decreasing then call them back so they can recharge.

You can call Griffon back by doing a Double Jump and for Shadow, simply perform a sideways dodge and he will return to you.

Do this only if you see the enemies far away. You can also pick up Griffon Vigor that will extend Griffon’s life and he can fight more. You can also use Shadow Vigor that of course will extend Shadow’s health bar.

If your demons are knocked down, V can move closer to them so their health can increase faster. However, since V is now completely on his own, which is really dangerous, hence he should use his last card, Nightmare.

Nightmare’s name completely suits him, as he really is a nightmare for the enemies. His first advantage of being present is that even if Griffon and Shadow are down, V is not completely on his own.

Moreover, as Nightmare is brought, the health of the other two demons is recovered.

For summoning Nightmare, you need to have three Devil Trigger bars full. As nightmare arises, he will go himself to fight off enemies and the bosses with his powerful attacks and laser beams.

If you have the Promotion skill then V can also ride on a Nightmare that will keep V even safer. Keep in mind though that Nightmare will only be on the battlefield until the Devil Triggers drain out.

After that, Griffon and Shadow are back with their health restored so V is not left out to be alone.

There is a way to keep Nightmare for a longer period of time and that is by picking up a Trigger Heart. This will slow down the Reduction of Devil Trigger gauge and Nightmare will be able to fight off more enemies and protect V.

Use this when you see that the health bars of Griffon and Shadow are still yet to be restored or there are too many enemies for Griffon and Shadow to fight off on their own.

Use your combos and techniques and you can control them manually and as they reach closer to death, use V to finish the enemies by using his cane.

Lastly, you must remap V’s control scheme so that you can take the most advantage of his kit. For this, it is optimum to play the Griffin and Shadow buttons on the trigger buttons of the controller. This will grant an amazing ease of access to both of his familiars that would be otherwise impossible.

Abilities and Familiars

Talking about the abilities of V, they are mostly hidden in his Cane. V is a part or half of Vergil and has very limited demonic powers. One of the abilities that V acquires through his cane, is an attack called Royal Fork.

When V uses the Royal Fork ability, several copies of his cane are made and rained down onto the opponent. Other than that, V can also use his cane to teleport close to his enemies or knock them down through it.

Moreover, after V has beaten Bloody Palace, he gets the Taunt ability. This ability lets V cover his cane with energy and charge onto his enemies on his own. Taunt also raises the power of V’s attacks, making it easier for him to defeat even the harder enemies.

Besides, V also uses his cane to absorb powers out of his enemies after killing them. He uses this absorbed power to enhance the strength of his familiars.

Now, one of the intriguing abilities of V is that he can enter the state of Devil Trigger. In this state, you will see his hair color changing to white. This state allows him to augment his familiar and to summon the Nightmare.

V’s Summoning abilities let him call forth forms of Mundus’ minions, which are the demons Griffon, Shadow and Nightmare – as explained in detail above. These demons appear on his body as tattoos and turn his hair black. So when the demons are summoned, those tattoos come to life, and similarly, his hair turn white when the Nightmare demon is summoned

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