Devil May Cry 5 Third Character Finally Makes An Official Appearance

The all-new trailer of Devil May Cry 5 has hit us like never before by featuring several epic action sequences. While the trailer was undoubtedly star-studded there was one specific addition appearing in front of us along with all the known faces. In the post-credits scene of the trailer, we saw the third playable character of Devil May Cry 5 perhaps which had previously been leaked.

Therefore, as it seems the return of Dante and Nero in the upcoming title has brought a fresh inclusion to the table as well. It would not be unfitting to say that the character seems rather mysterious plus his name, “V” does not help to comprehend his personality in any way too. Moreover, his outfit in the Devil May Cry 5 trailer also seems somewhat odd. Although there is nothing wrong with the Gothic get-up containing tattoos and the classic all-black costume whether it is the dress or bracelets and necklace. However, this type of clothing does not go quite well with a cane and a book perhaps.

As if the aforementioned getup wasn’t eerie enough, we come to the dialogues of the scene “V” in the Devil May Cry 5 trailer. The scene is perhaps signifying the reason behind “V” becoming a playable character. The scene starts off with “V” reciting a verse from a book (weirdly enough the book is also titled “V”), which says: “He Who Desires But Act Not, Breeds Pestilence“. This is most possibly pointing towards himself not doing anything about what he believes in. In addition, “V” replying to himself saying “so it is written” it probably shows that he is in to join the battle as the third playable character of Devil May Cry 5.

Although we had hold of the previously leaked footage of Devil May Cry 5 cinematic obviously we had to remove those later after having a copyrights issue with Capcom. This trailer, however, has brought together a mix of awesomeness by featuring action sequences of the other two playable characters of the game. Dante’s appearance with all that style is as overwhelming as always. Moreover, Nero is also seen in the trailer pumped with passion as ever.

The trailer also featured another epic addition in the other post-credits scene. Nero is getting the heroic Mega Buster inspired by the Mega Man. Apart from all the awesomeness in the trailer perhaps the sound of the game failed to impress? Actually, that’s been taken care of by Capcom as well.

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