Devil May Cry 5 Skills Guide – Dante, V, Nero Skills, Best Abilities, Tips and Tricks

Combat is very tight in Devil May Cry 5 that demands a good understanding of the character-specific skills at your disposal.

In our Devil May Cry 5 Abilities Guide, we will highlight the useful abilities for each of the three characters, so you can get the last laugh on your foes.

Devil May Cry 5 Skills

Devil May Cry 5 focuses on three main protagonists that you can play throughout the game i.e. Dante, Nero, and V.

In this DMC5 Guide, we will focus on the abilities of these protagonists and the best abilities that you should unlock first by using those Red Orbs.

In the game, at the start of every Mission, you will get an option to customize your protagonist through Nico’s Shop.

Best Skills for Dante

Dante is not playable right of the bat. He becomes playable in the second half of the game.

Many of his abilities like that cool motorbike, rocket launcher and many more become accessible to you as you progress through the game. Here are the best abilities that you should purchase for Dante if you have enough Red Orbs.

A high mobility power attack that can impale or lance demons in the way.

A Cavaliere move that can grab onto demons and throw them up into the air this a very good ability as you can follow this up with combos.

Million Stab
This a close-range attack that works very well if you follow it up with the Stinger. You can unleash this move up close to the demon and deal great damage.

Style Level 2
You can upgrade most of the moves you are comfortable with to style Level 2 but we also recommend upgrading most of the moves as the abilities get more enhanced when they reach Level 2.

Trigger Heart
This ability is a must if you constantly use Dante’s Devil Trigger as this allows the Devil Trigger Bar to deplete much slower than usual.

Best Abilities for Nero

Nero is more equitable of the other two protagonists as Nero has more damage output than V and is more mobile and faster than Dante. Here are the best abilities that you should purchase for Nero:

This ability is a Red Queen skill move that allows Nero to rush towards enemies, rally them up, and easily eliminate them.

Hard Way
This a very balanced sword strike that covers a large area and quickly lets you eliminate the demons by making use of their weakness.

Breaker Plus
This ability allows you to bring more Devil Breakers with you in the Mission.

Air Hike
This ability allows you to do a second jump allowing you to explore more areas easily and can be useful in combat.

Table Hopper
This ability allows you to evade most of the demon’s attacks by dodging left or right.

Best Abilities for V

V is a tricky character when you compare him with the others. He can summon two pets Griffon and Shadow. This allows the player to play V in a completely different style as compared to the other two protagonists.

His pets do most of the work but V himself has to finish the enemies. Here are the best abilities that you should purchase for V:

This allows V to ask for two pillars of lightning.

Flank Attack
This ability allows V to order Griffon to rush in on demons and launch them up in the air.

This allows Shadow to rush into the enemies quickly while dealing damage with his tentacles.

Royal Fork
This allows V to summon demonic canes from the sky onto the enemies and finishes of dying enemies.

Shadow Combo C
This allows Shadow to perform huge area attacks dealing good damage.

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