Devil May Cry 5 Secret Levels Locations and Walkthrough Guide – How to Solve

In your quest to becoming a more menacing opponent, you will find it desirable to buff up your health gauge. This comes at the expense of collecting Blue Orb Fragments that are obtained via Secret Levels among other sources.

Below, we disclose locations and tips for completing all the Secret Missions in DMC5.

Devil May Cry 5 Secret Levels

While exploring the world of Devil May Cry 5, you will occasionally come across hidden chambers that can only be accessed by observing a special pattern in red, very carefully.

These will not be observable from far away but there will be an indication of their presence in the form of a red blob. Stand near this blob and look around to make the red pattern visible.

Here, you will need to target a specific angle so the lines align and the pattern forms into a proper structure. Only then will you be able to interact and access the Secret Mission. The red symbol will look something along these lines:

Devil May Cry 5 Secret Missions

Completing a Secret Level earns you a Blue Orb Fragment. These fragments are required when boosting vitality indefinitely. Every four fragments you collect, contribute to a full Blue Orb.

Every Blue Orb you are able to craft will add +1 to your overall health bar. Since there are 12 Secret Levels in total, you can end up collecting 12 fragments that is equivalent to 3 Blue Orbs in total.

You will also earn the “Secrets Exposed” Trophy/Achievement for finishing all Secret Levels.

Secret Missions are special tasks that you would need to complete within a set amount of time. The difficulty can vary depending on your objective or the foes you face.

None of these areas is missable since you can always select the chapter from the game’s menu and go back if you overlooked a certain Secret Level.

Below, we have detailed all the locations for the 12 Secret Levels in Devil May Cry 5. Do note that you should attempt the challenges on “Human” difficulty since that is when enemies have less health and are easier to eliminate.

Secret Level #1

During Mission #2 in the game, after you have destroyed the barrier using a second Nidhogg Hatchling, you will come across a bedroom where the Secret Mission tutorial will trigger.

Follow the instructions just as you are told for the first time. The pattern is on the wall next to the exit door while the red blob is near the side of the bed.

Gain access to the challenge where you will need to defeat all the enemies thrown in your way in a minute and a half.

Secret Level #2

In Mission #3, after destroying the third Blood Clots, you will reach the staircase where a brief cutscene will show up. Instead of taking the stairs up, drop down right to the bottom of the staircase.

This is where the red blob will be situated. Align the markings and you will unlock the challenge.

Your objective would be to destroy all 5 Red Empusa, the foes that carry Red Orbs on their back. However, you will need to do this before any one of the five can escape into the ground. The best strategy is to spam your Overture Devil Breaker by inputting Circle/B.

Secret Level #3

In Mission #4, there will be two barriers requiring the use of two Nidhogg Hatchlings.

The first one is at the train bridge and the other can be found when you encounter the foes at the street down the stairs.

Here, you will need to summon Nightmare by pressing L1/LB that consumes three bars of your Devil Trigger gauge. The Nightmare will break through a building allowing you to get the second Nidhogg Hatchling in the nearby alleyway.

Now, return to the main street and use one Hatchling to break through a barrier after which you will reach the Blue Orb.

Turn left and destroy another barrier with another one of yours Hatchling to get to the red blob by the window on the top floor of the building here.

The resulting challenge sees you collecting all the Red Orbs in the area before the time runs out, which is actually really short in this Secret Level.

Start with the right and then follow a counterclockwise motion to collect all the orbs within the time limit. You will also find it useful to glide when you need to collect orbs in the air.

Secret Level #4

During Mission #5 in the warehouse, after defeating some enemies you will notice a container on your left and a wall near it. Summon the Nightmare to break through the wall where you will need to fight off more foes.

Now proceed to scaffold to reach the red blob and gain access to the Secret Level.

The challenge requires you to defeat all the demon enemies without taking a single hit. This is best done by purchasing V’s skill titled “Promotion” so you can mount on the summoned Nightmare.

To do this, simply input L1 + Circle/LB + B to hop onto the Nightmare and then press any of the three attack buttons to deal damage. While you are riding the beast, foes will not be able to attack you one bit.

Secret Level #5

After reaching the second lava stream in Mission #8, jump off to the right when you are halfway up the lava stream.

You will land on a glass platform from where you can follow the grappling points or dash using the Gerbera Devil Breaker to reach an opening on the other side of the room. Drop down to find the red blob and align to gain access to the Secret Mission.

Your task would be to use the grappling points and reach the end objective without coming in contact with the ground once.

That is right! Channel your inner bird. You can shoot your grappling hooks with R1 + Square/RB + X and hold onto the hooks by R1 + Circle/RB + B.

Secret Level #6

In Mission #9, after defeating the very first knight, you will come across some vines before you can reach the catacombs. Summon the Nightmare to destroy the Blood Cot on these vines that will allow you access to a new area.

Here, stand in the center of the arch to align the pattern and begin the Secret Level Challenge. The challenge is best completed when your Devil Trigger is upgraded to the max i.e. via using the 5 Purple Orbs.

Now, your goal in this Secret Level would be to put down all demons in less than 20 seconds. Summon the Nightmare and then buff the other beasts with L2 + Triangle/LT + Y and L2 + Square/LT + X.

This will consume all of your 5 bars of Devil Trigger but will give you enough of a damage potential that you can simply press the attack buttons to manually deal damage and eliminate enemies within 20 seconds.

Secret Level #7

In Mission #10, follow the route the story tells you until you reach a green-hued room with giant Mantis monster and two teeth-filled doors.

After defeating the Mantis and flying fire demons, make your way to the teeth-door on the right and quickly deal with the enemies so the door will not shut at an unfortunate moment.

Head to the top of the stairs to find the red blob and consequently the Secret Level.

In the challenge, you will need to target and destroy the critical point of the enemy with a single bullet. To do this first utilize the Balrog boot weapon and bring down the two scissors.

Once you have done that, shoot one bullet of the Ebony & Ivory pistols at the glowing head of the beast to bring it down and complete the task.

Secret Level #8

In Mission #11, upon entering the ruined building, you will be required to destroy 3 Blood Clots. Fortunately, after destroying the first one, the building will shift in its structure shown by a cutscene involving the clocktower building.

Now jump up and return to where you came from i.e. the top floor. Here you will find the pattern you will need to match correctly for access to the Secret Level.

This challenge is a bit different from the others solely because you are required to maintain an S Stylish rank throughout the ordeal. Combos and juggles are the way to go here.

Chaining attacks by using ranged weapons is easy while juggling opponents into the air will also keep the combos going allowing you to maintain that S rank.

Secret Level #9

After reaching the catacombs (via the passage revealed by pouring the blood) in Mission #12, switch into the Trickster stance of Dante by pressing the “up” key on the D-pad of the controller.

Now, jump over the rocks and reach the platform behind by jumping once and then inputting Circle/B for an air-dash. Once you have reached the platform you will be able to align the markings for the Secret Level.

This task is quite easy if you know what you are doing. Simply equip the Cavaliere Weapon and juggle enemies into the air by pressing Triangle/Y.

This will let you complete the challenge which states that you need to spend 15 continuous seconds or more in the air.

Secret Level #10

After being reacquainted with your three familiars in Mission #14, proceed forward to destroy the blood clots as the story calls for it.

Upon destroying the second blood clot near the blood vines, you will need to take a 180° to reach the red blob and gain access to the Secret Level here.

Your goal would be to reach a certain designated area without even coming into contact with the ground once.

Simply jump and then start attacking with Circle/B after which you will need to teleport forward with R1 + Circle/RB + B. Finally hold the X/A button to glide and reach the objective.

Secret Level #11

After coming across the first Divinity Statutes’ shop during Mission #15, you need to move so that you get on the other side of the statues. Now, you will trigger a short cutscene that shows you a Blue Orb at the top of the hill.

Use your Gerbera Devil Trigger with Circle/B for air-dashing up the hill. Right below the blue orb, you will find the red blob for accessing the Secret Level.

Your mission is described simply as “Head straight for the goal!” and that is what you should do. The time is really short so you cannot detract from the path one bit.

Utilize your Gerbera Devil Trigger for a boost in the air. You will need to ascend platforms and perform wall-jumps to reach the very top.

Secret Level #12

In Mission #16, drop down into the 3rd hole after you fight a bunch of firedrakes. Instead of following the path to the Blue Orb, follow the path that lets you have an encounter with some lizard enemies.

Proceed forward and then drop down yet another hole. Here you will be able to make out a crumbling platform in the distance that has a Red Orb tree. Destroy the tree to reveal an opening in the wall.

Move through it and descend down until you are able to observe another tree. Above this tree, head to the alcove and towards its back you will be able to spot the red blob for the Secret Level.

Your challenge would be to collect a set amount of Red Orbs via any means possible. The best strategy is to use the Dr. Faust Level 3 or above since this nets you more orbs from enemies you eliminate.

With your Dr. Faust weapon equipped, switch to Gunslinger stance by pressing “up” on D-pad to maximize the output of Red Orbs from the enemies you defeat.

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