Devil May Cry 5 Purple Orb Locations Guide – Find All Purple Orb Fragments, Max Devil Trigger

Dante and Nero both retained their Awakened Form or Devil Form from the previous DMC installments.

The Devil Form grants them augmented speed as well as greater damage and if I remember correctly, they also regenerate small increments of their health while in this form, so it is quite useful, especially if when you are tackling a stronger enemy.

However, good things do not last long. The Devil Form has its limits. Below the health gauge, there is the Devil Trigger Gauge that starts depleting once you manifest the Devil Form and will revert you back to your original form once it has finished.

The size of the Devil Trigger is not very impressive at the beginning, but lucky, you can increase the size by obtaining DMC5 Purple Orbs.

Devil May Cry 5 Purple Orb Locations

There are 5 DMC5 Purple Orbs that can be purchased from the shop as well as 8 Purple Orb Fragments spread throughout the world that can grant 2 extra bars of Devil Trigger Gauge when all of them all collected.

This DMC5 Purple Orbs Guide will help you locate all of them. As previously mentioned, all of the Purple Orbs can be purchased from the store. Each of which will get progressively get more expensive as you buy more.

Access to the store will be given from Mission #4 onwards. The price list is represented below:

  • Purple Orb #1: 3,500 Red Orbs
  • Purple Orb #2: 6,000 Red Orbs
  • Purple Orb #3: 9,000 Red Orbs
  • Purple Orb #4: 18,000 Red Orbs
  • Purple Orb #5: 40,000 Red Orbs

As for the Purple Orb Fragments, you can find them in separate missions. I have listed down only the missions where they are available as well as how to get them.

Mission #4
This first Purple Orb can be found right in front of you after you cross the Railroad Bridge. You will not be able to miss it as you basically walk into it as part of the story path.

Mission #5
After defeating the big praying mantis enemy in the warehouse, follow the hallway to continue but do not enter yet, as the Purple Orb is located above the entrance to that hallway. It can be identified with Red Orbs floating near it.

Mission #9
This mission starts in a room with a big hole in the center. Defeat all the enemies and continue down the hole. Here, you will find the wooden barricade on the left wall.

Using V’s Nightmare Summon, you will be able to break down this barricade. Go inside it and defeat a few enemies. After you have taken care of all of them, a Purple Orb Fragment will be waiting for you from where you entered the room.

Mission #10
Follow the main path where you will find a White Crystal. You will have to enter a cave to the right of this White Crystal. Here, you will face some enemies and defeating them will spawn a Purple Orb Fragment as a reward.

Mission #11
Defeat the Fire Drakes on the rooftop where you will also find the Purple Orb – very hard to miss!

Mission #12
One of the objectives in Mission #12 is to fill up a fountain with blood via to sources. Therefore, in the room with the fountain, there are two Nidhogg Hatchling Barriers blocking the exits.

Find a Nidhogg Hatchling and use it on the bottom floor first. Follow the path until you have reached the Blood Sac in the room behind its Blood Sac to the right is the room with the Purple Fragment.

Mission #14
After you have regained all you Shadow Pets, you will return to the normal world. Follow the path ahead until the path is divided into routes. Take the right path and further down that path on the left, there is a blood clot, destroy it!

Then backtrack to where the path was divided and take the left path instead. Just at the start of that path, you will be able to drop down on the right and collect the Purple Fragment.

Mission #16
This is by far the trickiest one of them all. During Mission #16, you have to drop down a lot of major holes with ledges and dropping through each of them will lead you to fight enemies in them.

Drop through the third hole where you have to defeat the Fire Drakes along with some other enemies. Be ready for the next drop! The Purple Orb Fragment is in within the fourth hole.

It is located on one of the ledges of the holes so jump on each of them carefully because some might even crumble. If you do not get it on your first attempt, you can always try again.

Additionally, you can use your Devil Form to fly over the area to make things easier.

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