Devil May Cry 5 PC Requirements Changed, Here Are The New Ones

In what might be a fist for PC gaming, Capcom has apparently realized something is wrong with the Devil May Cry 5 PC requirements that they first put up. The company has since changed them, as you can see on Steam. There have been rumors of a PC delay, this may be why.

While it’s not confirmed yet, we did publish a story a short time ago about the possibility of Devil May Cry being delayed to May, even though it’s supposed to be coming out March 8. So far the date has remained consistent, but in the meantime we still have to deal with the Devil May Cry 5 PC requirements being changed, especially if you plan on playing the game on that platform.

To start off with, both the minimum and recommended versions of the game had the same required processor, an Intel Core i7-4770, though Radeons were also an option. Now, however, they’ve lowered the minimum CPU (wouldn’t be “minimum” if they didn’t). If you want to play the game on at least minimum settings, you’ll at least need an Intel Core i5 – 4460 or higher. If you want to play the game on Recommended, you’ll need the Intel Core i7-3770 or higher.

So, with the game’s release still around a month away, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t be able to properly upgrade your computer in time for its release so that you’re not caught off guard by having the wrong kind of processor.

In the meantime, Devil May Cry fans will be getting a new demo that will be coming on February 7. The demo will be different from the Xbox-exclusive demo that was released originally, but there still won’t be a PC demo, likely to prevent players from datamining and spoiling the game.

Either way, regardless of what you’re playing on, you’ll be able to experience a return to form for Devil May Cry on March 8 on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.