Devil May Cry Patch 1.07 Has a Hidden Surprise

Devil May Cry 5 has recently been updated to patch 1.07 and with it comes a surprise. The new DMCV patch was announced on March 15 which stated that it would add the series trademark’ “Bloody Palace Mode” but along with the mode, the recent update has removed censorship from a scene where purple flares covered Trish’s naked butt.

Capcom did not mention anything about the removal of censorship before the update and even now has not explained anything about it. This censorship was only applied to PS4 users in the western region, which caused quite an uproar among the users when the game released an update on the first day of its launch applying the flares. Although it had no effect on the game’s combat sequences in which our favorite demon slayer destroyed the demons.

Still, it caused confusion among the fans as to why there is mild censorship in the western region and why is it only forced on PlayStation users? Maybe it was due to Sony Entertainments new censorship policies. Now the game’s latest update gives the PS4’s players a chance to enjoy The Bloody Palace Mode and also a chance to see Trish’s naked rear in a scene where Dante rescues her from a demon. With the news of this added surprise along the planned update fans were thinking it as just another April fool’s joke but many sources than confirmed it.

Itachi Uchiha a YouTube user was the first person who uploaded the cut scene featuring Trish’s butt. Even now the PS4 version of the game is not on par with Xbox One and PC version as several other scenes that depict nudity have been censored by Sony.

What is still very confusing is that the censorship is only removed from the US version of the game and still holds on in European version and the publishers have been asked to comment on this situation.

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