Devil May Cry 5 NY Comic Con Panel to Share V Gameplay

Since we got V’s first official glimpse in the TGS 2018 cinematic trailer not much has come up about him. Although we got to see more of V in the Devil May Cry 5 cutscenes trailer a gameplay trailer has still not come out. The upcoming New York Comic Con Panel for Devil May Cry 5 might finally give us that.

The NY Comic Con is coming up on 6th October where the panel of the game will be showing us more about the gameplay. According to the tweet by DMC5Info:

There will be a Devil May Cry 5 panel at New York Comic Con on October 6th This panel will show ‘all-new gameplay’ and ‘where Dante has been’.

This tweet has stirred a lot of debate on the online discussion forums. We have already seen Dante’s secret mission in Devil May Cry 5 and even got to know Dante’s main foe. As the tweet suggests, we still haven’t seen all that Capcom wishes to show us before the game comes out.

Meanwhile, the latest playable character of Devil May Cry 5 is also expected feature at the fan event. Many fans believe that it is now time that V gets his own gameplay trailer where we can see him actually fighting. The fighting style of V is going to be surprising, as the developers suggested.

Still, any gameplay footage for Dante would now be too soon to reveal. Fans have already seen him in quite a lot of action lately and it would be enough for now. Let’s hope Hideaki do not let out more than necessary about Devil May Cry 5 at the NY Comic Con Panel.

Fans should have something to let their imagination do the work for them. After all the game is going to make the players go nuts in the end as its creators are also hardcore fans of DMC.

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