Devil May Cry 5 Nico’s Van Items Guide

Turns out, Devil May Cry 5 has a pretty important character as a part of its main lore. If you remember Agnus, the stuttering scientist from Devil May Cry 4, then you probably already know Nico is her superiorly intelligent and not-evil daughter. In this Devil May Cry 5 Nico’s Van Items guide, we’ll be showing you all the opportunities you can avail as a Devil Hunter.

Devil May Cry 5 Nico’s Van

DMC 5 isn’t essentially about slashing through your enemies until their health drops to zero. Style is an important variable in the Devil May Cry 5 equation. You can choose to perform a simple Combo A on most of your enemies until they die, or chain multiple ideas together to create sick combos to boost your style rating.

Unfortunately, when you start off with Devil May Cry 5, you won’t have all the necessary tools at your disposal. This initially limits how stylish you can get. And if you’re a Devil May Cry veteran, you’re not going to want your skillset to stay that way.–

As you progress through the game, and collect Red Orbs, you’ll find yourself turning to either the Divine Statue or Nico’s Van to get new skills and abilities to halt the demonic invasion in the human world.

Nico’s Van and the Divine Statue

You’ll find telephone booths scattered throughout the missions in DMC 5. If there aren’t vans, you’ll find Divine Statues to do pretty much the same thing minus the really cool cutscenes with Nico.

Interacting with said booths will initiate a call to Nico, soon after which she’ll come speeding in with her van and goods. Through Divine Statues and Nico’s Van, you can purchase a wide variety of items and abilities for Dante, Vergil, Nero and V.

Nero’s Shop


Ability Red Orbs Description
Speed 4,500 Run faster while holding the move button in the same direction
Table Hopper 3,000 Time your dodge just before an enemy’s attack lands to quickly recover and open up for a counter-attack
Table Hopper 2 10,000 Evade twice
Table Hopper 3 25,000 Evade thrice
Wire Snatch 2 8,000 Longer reach using the Wire Snatch
Wire Snatch 3 40,000 Longer reach using the Wire Snatch
Air Hike 20,000 Jump a second time utilizing a demonic platform under your feet
Enemy Step 45,000 One of the most important upgrades for air combos. Use enemy as a stepping stone to jump twice and reset any used moves while in the air
Get More Orbs 50,000 Collect orbs from a greater distance
Ex Provocation 3,000,000 Get the Ex Provocation special taunt for Nero as you bust out some dance moves for a greater increase in Stylish Rank.

Red Queen

Ability Red Orbs Description
Streak 800 Immediately close the gap between you and your enemy with a rushing attack similar to Rebellion’s stinger
Split 1,200 Slam down on your enemy using the Red Queen’s massive weight and slice them open
Red Queen Combo B 2,500 Repeatedly slam down your sword on your enemy, ending it with a brutal stab at the very end
Red Queen Combo C 5,000 Perform a versatile combo on your enemy that perfectly chains up with other attacks for Nero
Red Queen Combo D 8,500 A variation of the default combo for Red Queen where you end with a much more powerful strike
Roulette Spin 7,000 Juggle your enemy with this alternative mid-air combo using the Red Queen
Shuffle 8,000 Same thing as the Calibur but on the ground. Step back and rush forward with a blow
Payline 15,000 Exclusive to Devil May Cry 5, rush to your enemy on the ground from mid-air to deal damage to your enemies
Hard Way 20,000 Hold your attack button to quickly close the gap between you and your enemy
Calibur 25,000 Streak to your enemy mid-air to land a heavy blow at the end
Exceed 2 3,800 Unlock level 2 Exceed moves for more damage
Exceed 3 12,000 Unlock level 3 Exceed moves for more damage
MAX-Act 45,000 Right before you land an attack, press your rev button for the Red Queen to max out your Exceed Gauge

Devil Bringer

Ability Red Orbs Description
Showdown 25,000 Combine your power alongside the mirage Yamato to create a deadly combo that deals a ton of damage
Maximum Bet 50,000 Release a ranged attack as you slash through space. Hold to charge it up
Flat Top 50,000 Jump a second time thanks to your demonic arms

Devil Breaker

Ability Red Orbs Description
Breaker Plus 3,000 Carry 4 devil breakers
Breaker Plus 2 7,000 Carry 5 devil breakers
Breaker Plus 3 15,000 Carry 6 devil breakers
Breaker Plus 4 30,000 Carry 7 devil breakers
Breaker Plus 5 50,000 Carry 8 devil breakers

Blue Rose

Ability Red Orbs Description
Color Up 2 1,800 Charge your Blue Rose shots to fire three shots once your gauge fills up
Color Up 3 35,000 Put in explosive power to your bullets. Simply fill up your gauge by holding shoot
Charge Shot 7,000 Charge the Blue Rose with demonic power to make it fire even more powerful shots and send enemies flying back with immense knockback
Charge Shot 2 18,000 Unleash a more powerful version of the Charged Shot
Charge Shot 3 45,000 Let go once your arm reaches the third stage to release an explosive bullet that detonates after a short period of time

 V’s Shop


Ability Red Orbs Description
Quickplay 4,500 Similar to Dante and Nero’s sprint ability. Instead, use Shadow’s speed to traverse missions faster
Promotion 20,000 Latch onto your summoned Nightmare for safety
Enemy Step 45,000 Jump a second time using an enemy as a stepping stone
Trigger Heart 15,000 DT gauge depletes at a slower rate
Green Gainer 18,000 While Nightmare is active, you have a better chance of acquiring green orbs
White Gainer 18,000 Enemies are more likely to drop white orbs while Nightmare is active
Get More Orbs 50,000 Increase the range within which you can gather orbs
Ex Provocation 3,000,000 Unlock V’s special emote for a greater increase to the Stylish Rank during combat


Ability Red Orbs Description
Royal Fork 50,000 Release canes from the sky which immediately ends all enemies with critical health in the area. Expends the DT gauge as well


Ability Red Orbs Description
Shadow Combo B 12,000 Knock your enemies away by commanding Shadow to swing his tail
Shadow Combo C 3,500 Follow-up to Shadow’s claw attack which changes his neck into a whip to damage enemies
Breakthrough 1,200 Shadow dashes forward to attack enemies with its tentacles while being immersed into the ground
Guillotine 7,500 Spinning charge attack to juggle enemies in the air
Skewer 35,000 Stab into enemies while shapeshifting its head into a needle
Shadow Vim 8,500 Reduce time for recovery after being stalemated
Shadow Vigor 20,000 Shadow can tank a greater number of attacks before being stalemated


Ability Red Orbs Description
Blockage 2 2,500 Smite demons with three lightning strikes
Round Robin 2 2,500 Rain down more electric strikes on enemies within the vicinity
Flank Attack 7,500 Charge at your enemies and launch them in the air, can be followed up with various attacks for Shadow to continue the combo
Double Check 5,000 Release an electric shot which slams enemies
Griffon Vim 8,500 Reduce recovery time for Griffon after being stalemated
Griffon Vigor 20,000 Griffon is able to tank more attacks before being stalemated


Ability Red Orbs Description
Nightmare Combo B 9,000 New combo for Nightmare
Domination 50,000 Fire a laser that suspends all enemies in air while dealing a massive amount of damage

Dante’s Shop


Ability Red Orbs Description
Speed 4,500 Sprint faster after running in the same direction for a short time. Doesn’t work during combat
Air Hike 20,000 Use demonic power to create a platform for a second jump
Enemy Step 45,000 Jump a second time using an enemy as a stepping stone
Get More Orbs 50,000 Increase range from which you are able to gather orbs
Ex Provocation 3,000,000 Special taunt in which Dante flaunts his dance moves to increase Stylish Rank at a faster rank compared to normal taunts

Devil Sword Dante

Ability Red Orbs Description
Stinger 1,500 Lunge forward into your enemies as you pierce them with the Devil Sword Dante
Drive 10,000 Release demonic energy from your sword that creates shockwave and lifts enemies up in the air. Charge for greater impact and more damage
Swords Formation 5,000 Charge up the DSD to use four mirage swords that will change functionality based on the style you’re using


Ability Red Orbs Description
Bantam Revenge 5,000 Do a counter-attack after dodging with Welter
Fly Dragon 7,000 Perform a second lift attack after a Heavy Jolt to send your enemy flying in the air
Updraft 3,000 Launch up your enemies with a backflip as you bring them into the air
Rolling Blaze 15,000 Jumping surrounds you with a blast wave which affects nearby enemies ever-so-slightly
Ignition 2 10,000 Flaming effect remains on Dante’s Balrog for a longer duration of time
Ignition 3 40,000 Ignition attack lasts for a much longer duration of time


Ability Red Orbs Description
Cross Line 3,500 Slam your enemies with the deadly force of the Cavaliere. Activates Gear Wheel as well
Slipstream 8,000 Use your momentum to go forward for a slam attack which activates gear wheel. You can also chain this with the Cavaliere Combo A or Cavaliere Combo B’s second step
Highside 9,000 Launch yourself and your enemy into the air
Braking 10,000 Pull enemies in the spinning wheels of Cavaliere as you dive back into the ground which also activates gear wheel
Idling 35,000 Consecutive blows that suspend enemies in the air

Ebony & Ivory

Ability Red Orbs Description
Charge Shot 2,000 Charge up your shot with demonic power to deal a greater amount of damage
Charge Shot 2 5,000 Upgrade your Charge Shot by charging both your guns for a longer duration
Charge Shot 3 18,000 Charge Ebony & Ivory for a longer duration of time to deal maximum amount of damage


Ability Red Orbs Description
Charge Shell 2,000 Increase damage of your slug shots using demonic power
Charge Shell 2 5,000 A much more increase in damage using demonic power
Charge Shell 3 18,000 Unleash an ultimate Charged Shell

Kalina Ann

Ability Red Orbs Description
High Explosive 3,000 Let go of a powered-up missile with great explosive power

Dr. Faust

Ability Red Orbs Description
Man in the Red 8,000 Put down red orbs around you that damage enemies if they touch them
Hat Trick 20,000 Deal damage to enemies hit by Set Hat while accumulating red orbs
Dr. Faust 2 10,000 Gain more orbs while Dr. Faust is equipped as well as using more Red Orbs for greater damage
Dr. Faust 3 45,000 Increase orbs earned as well as used while attacking for more power
Dr. Faust 4 500,000 Greatly increase the number of orbs earned and used while using Dr. Faust


Ability Red Orbs Description
Level 2 3,500 Unlocks Flipper and Mustang
Level 3 10,000 Unlocks Mustang Air and Air Trick
Level 4 40,000 Unlocks Ground Trick


Ability Red Orbs Description
Level 2 4,000 Shredder for Rebellion Rising Dragon and Flint Wheel for Balrog
Level 3 18,500 Round Trips for Devil Sword Dante Divine Dragon for Balrog Wheelie Jump for Cavaliere
Level 4 50,000 Dance Macabre for Devil Sword Dante Real Impact and Pyromania for Devil Sword Dante Wheelie Jump 2 for Cavaliere


Ability Red Orbs Description
Level 2 4,000 Rainstorm for Ebony & Ivory Backslide for Coyote-A
Level 3 18,000 Twosome Time for Ebony & Ivory Gun Stinger for Coyote-A Hysteric for Kalina Ann Set Hat 2 for Dr. Faust
Level 4 50,000 Honeycomb Fire for Ebony & Ivory Cut-in Front, Cut-in Back, Cut-in Side for Coyote-A Paranoia for Kalina Ann Red Hot Night for Dr. Faust

Royal Guard

Ability Red Orbs Description
Level 2 3,500 Air Block
Level 3 10,000 Air Release Royal Gauge +3
Level 4 40,000 Royal Revenge Royal Gauge +3

Sin Devil Trigger

Ability Red Orbs Description
Sin Stinger 9,000 Surround yourself with mirage swords as you charge into the enemy tearing through anything and everything
Sin Inferno 18,000 Slam into the ground to raise literal hell around you damaging enemies in an AoE around you
Demolition 40,000 Fire small projectiles at your enemy that deal a ton of damage. Hold to keep the attack going
Quadruple S 50,000 If you have SSS rank, simply press the SDT button again to immediately disengage transformation without losing any of your SDT bar. Good for short bursts of power in between combos

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