Devil May Cry 5 Nero Character Guide – Best Skills, Weapons, How to Play

Our Devil May Cry 5 Nero Character Guide will help you learn all about playing as Nero in DMC5 including his skills, weapons, combos, and some tips.

Devil May Cry 5 introduces Nero with old skills from Devil May Cry 4 but also a set of new skills and weapons for Devil May Cry 5. Nero is a character every player start with, making it a basic character to play with.

Being basic does not at all means that he is any less lethal or any less skilled than any other character featuring in the game.

Devil May Cry 5 Nero Character

The list of weaponry that Nero possesses is quite lengthy but he has other aces up his sleeve as well. For example, his aerial combo in which launches the enemy in the air and attacks him with his combos.

Chances of Nero being attacked during this combo are almost zero. Moreover, the damage this combo deals is pretty good to finish the enemy off.


Nero’s weapons include his sword, Red Queen, and gun, Blue Rose.

His sword can be used to attack the enemies and can perform the combos very well to do high damage to the enemies.


His gun fires three bullets for each round, usually used attacking when you cannot fight the enemies with your sword. It can be used for enemies closer to you or also as a long ranged weapon.

Other than these two primary weapons, Nero has a replacement for his lost arm, Devil Bringer. He has a variation of Devil Breakers that are arms that Nico made as a replacement of Nero’s previous arm.

They are more modified and, if possible, more lethal than before.

Devil Breaker

There will be different types of Devil Breakers that the player has to choose to fill his slots. The weapon is breakable in some cases and when it breaks, the other arm in the next slot pulls up.

You can also destroy your arm yourself, you can also use it as an ultimate weapon by pressing B/Circle, and it will go and hit your enemy then destroy itself. Therefore, you go and you go with a blow. Yes 😉

You can buy these arms from Nico. It starts with 500 Red Orbs but Nico has also scattered these Devil Breakers around the battleground so Nero would not have any problem gaining them if his Devil Breakers are destroyed.


Performing this combo and then escaping from the enemies by doing the Air Hike, which is a double jump, is a good strategy to play with and can save you from the damage.

Payline and Calibur are also attacks that Nero launches from the air and attacks his enemies on the ground.

Using Speed will speed up your movement, obviously, but the amount of speed with which you search for cosmetics and upgrades also increases.

Grappling Wire
Another aspect of the game is the Grappling Wire. The wire is used to pull weaker enemies towards Nero or to pull Nero towards stronger enemies.

While performing combos, you can use the wire to hold the enemy and can take him down like that. This way, chances of you dealing with the damage will reduce to a lower percentage.

Red Queen
You can increase the damage done by the Red Queen by using Nero’s Exceed.

You can use Max-Act (which you will later unlock in the game) to fill up your Exceed gauge immediate after an attack. You can press L2/LT to use it up. Using Exceed increases the damage done by the Red Queen.

Red Queen launches combo B is also an attack that can by pressing ∆ in series. Using Split will split your enemies in half with the sword.

Grappling Wire
Wire Snatch 2 and Wire Snatch 3 upgrades for the grappling wire that increases the pull and enhances the area from where Nero can snatch enemies.

If you can hold them for longer and especially if in the air then this will give you longer combos and that when no enemy can reach you since you are performing them in the air.

Blue Rose
Color up 2 and Color up 3 levels up the damage done by Blue Rose. It gives out attacks that are more powerful and is mainly used for a wide group of enemies.

Breaker Plus
Breaker Plus increases the size of your Devil Breaker’s magazine.

Later, you can also buy a slot for your Devil Breakers. Usually, you can keep up to 3 Devil Breakers but you can buy a slot so you can keep more Devil Breakers for yourself.

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