Devil May Cry 5 Microtransactions Rumor Ruled Out By Capcom

Fans had been thrashing Devil May Cry 5 for having microtransactions so, Capcom Producer took it to Twitter to shut the rumors shut down.

Although Devil May Cry 5 is not going to come out till next year fans still are curious than ever to know all about the features of the game. One of them had actually caused a disarray among the fan base of the DMC video game series. Upon rumors spreading widely that the game will have microtransactions Matt Walker, Capcom Producer expressed his confidence by indicating that Devil May Cry 5 users will not be disappointed after playing the game.

Matt took this opportunity by stepping forward on social media and addressing to the concerns of the gaming community regarding Devil May Cry 5. Walker was asked in a tweet to clear the air among the fans who have been led into believing that DMC 5 is going to have microtransactions. This was just after Capcom was about to go live at the Tokyo Game Show 2018.

In reply to the tweet, Matt replied in a confident manner by saying:

“Thanks for the Tweet! It’s understandable that people are worried about micro transactions in games! I’m happy knowing that people will be reassured when they play the game and find that it’s balanced the way all the other DMCs have been. ^_^ “

An adequate response like this would certainly put all the people those people in their places who were thrashing Devil May Cry 5 already. Moreover, concerns of many followers of the DMC series would be satisfied with Matt’s comments ruling out the false rumors.

However, a certain group of fans still don’t seem impressed with Walker’s response to the subject of microtransactions. They believe that “the balanced way” could just be another manipulative business practice. Nonetheless, the obsession with Devil May Cry 5 is a much bigger situation as of now because the game is still 6 months away from its launch.

The hype for Devil May Cry 5 is so real that it has already become the 2nd best selling game on Steam and is being backed to become the Best Selling Hack’n Slash game of this generation. Given that, DMC 5 is going to give features like the multiplayer mode and crossover weapons it surely deserves the attention it is getting.

The gameplay trailer revealed earlier has undoubtedly boosted the excitement of Devil May Cry 5 which has a lot to catch onto, for instance, the third character of the game making an official appearance. Meanwhile, Nero is being handed 4 Devil Breakers one of which is the iconic Arm Cannon of Mega Man also featured in a trailer of its own.

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