“Devil May Cry 5 Mega Buster” Trailer Features Nero In Mega Man’s Arm Cannon

Amidst a couple of Devil May Cry 5 trailers rolling out, a new devil breaker has been revealed upon us for the latest upcoming game of the series. Nero will be having Mega Man’s iconic arm cannon added into his devil breaker collection.

The Mega Buster is referred to as a “masterpiece” and one of the finest arms Nero could have in the post-credits scene of the Devil May Cry 5 TGS 2018 trailer unveiled by Capcom at the event.

The Tokyo Game Show trailer has plenty of stuff to be talked about but only the Mega Buster was prominently superior among the others so much so that it has been given a special trailer to its name. The trailer features various gameplay sequences where Nero is seen sporting the Mega Buster while blasting off demons with his arm devil breaker. Mega Buster is one of the four unique Devil Breakers that have been given to Nero’s character.

The Mega Buster for Nero is an obvious inspiration from Mega Man, the original bearer of the arm cannon. However, Nero seems to have done quite well with it as well in the trailer. He can be seen having a go while standing, running, and mid-air at the enemies with the all-new Mega Buster devil breaker. Although the in-action scenes of the Mega Buster are displayed through adjusted camera angles “for promotional purposes” still it is quite a sight.

The Devil May Cry Mega Buster trailer has left the fans asking to get more of it and certainly, the Mega Buster has quickly become one of the most anticipated crossover items in the gaming community. Firing energy bullet in Devil May Cry 5 just by Nero equipped with the Mega Buster is going to be an overwhelming gaming experience. Possibly even more than watching its powerful blasts smacking the demons in the trailer.

Although the Mega Buster was thoroughly shown in it own trailer, the TGS trailer also showed a probable buildup to this. Nero is shown fighting with all that rage (and without the Mega Blaster) alongside the all-reigning Dante. He says how he has got all the power he needs by pointing towards his arm.

Other significant reveals about Devil May Cry 5 showed Dante’s new weapon and the return of Lady and Trish. Meanwhile, we also got to know that Dante’s bike is more than just a ride after all. Additionally, if the sound of the game seemed somewhat unpleasant this time around, Capcom has provided a solution to the sound problem as well.

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