Devil May Cry 5 Lucia Reference In Official Trailer That You Missed

Since the Devil May Cry 5 trailer came out fans have been asking for Lucia. The excitement got higher when the developers confirmed that Devil May Cry 5 is based after DMC2. Fans want Lucia back in the game and there is a Devil May Cry 5 Lucia reference that you might have missed in the trailer.

Devil May Cry 5 Lucia Reference

In one of the trailers, there is a map on the wall with a knife in it. This is similar to the one that we found in DMC2. This could be a Devil May Cry 5 Lucia reference as it is unlikely that this detail would be added without a reason. You can check out the screenshot of the map in the trailer below:

While the similarity is there, it is worth noting that in both game, the knife marks a different spot on the map and in the new game, this spot seems to be Perua and China. You can check out the picture of the map in DMC2 below:

Devil May Cry 5

In the past couple of weeks we have got some details regarding Devil May Cry 5 but we do not know if Lucia is part of the game. This could be an easter egg for the fans that have played the previous titles. Lucia could be part of Devil May Cry 5. Nothing is confirmed at this point in time so take this with a grain of salt.

We will keep you updated regarding the matter so stay tuned to learn more regarding whether or not Lucia is part of the new Devil May Cry game. Furthermore, if you want to see more gameplay then you will be able to get some at the New York Comic Con.

Let us know what you think about this Devil May Cry 5 Lucia reference and whether or not you want this character to be part of the new Devil May Cry game.

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