Devil May Cry 5 Location Isn’t In London But Takes Inspiration From It And Other Locations

At E3 we got to know that Devil May Cry is back with Devil May Cry 5 and will be releasing sometime in spring 2019.

There wasn’t much revealed about the game except the exciting announcement trailer. The trailer showed us Nero with a robot arm taking on the different demons in the game. That wasn’t all as it also revealed some details about where the game is located.

Most people have already guessed that it is located in London but we recently got to know that it’s not basically London, instead it includes various inspired locations and London is one of them.

Previous DMC games were set in different fictional locations which were called Limbo City, Mallet Island, Vie de Marli, Temen-ni-gru and Fortuna. So it turns out that DMC 5 will include another fictional location which is called the Red Grave City and it will consist of different inspired locations in real life.

A representative from Capcom revealed that Devil May Cry 5 is based in a fictional location of Red Grave City.

It’s not London but “inspiration has been taken from real-life locations, including London, but it is not based on any one real-world city.” As for the trailer, it has shown us many signs of London and UK. The trailer shows red buses, Metro station and a motorway sign which will definitely remind you of UK if you live there.

Check out some screenshots from the trailer below.

This bollard scene and where it stands makes it look like it’s from the streets of London.

This one is clear and you can see that red London bus in the background and British traffic light.

The above picture shows the Metro sign which reminds us of the iconic London Underground roundel by simply inverting the colors and using hexagon instead of a circle in real life.

Did you recognize some of them? Let us know in the comments below if you spot more of London inspired elements in Devil May Cry 5.

Source: PCgamesn

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