Devil May Cry 5 Goliath Boss Fight Guide – Combat Tips, Easy Kill

This boss fight occurs in Mission 2 (Qliphoth) when you play as Nero. The Goliath’s basic attack is its swing. Its big paws should be dodged as they swing at you and occasionally at the ground.

With Gerbera’s help, you can dodge them and it is advised you attack it in the air to avoid being hit.

Devil May Cry 5 Goliath Boss Fight

Eventually, the Goliath destroys the bridge and switches to inside the building. The enemy catches the columns and uses them as weapons, along with trying to crush you with his and his whole body in a charge.

One movie the Goliath will use after a while is opening the maw on his stomach to throw out a wave of fire and pull himself inside. Avoid being caught in that, and use the current prosthesis to free yourself if you are caught.

Although the Goliath has a lot of health, it is not very fast so you can approach this fight safely by using the revolver from a distance.

If you want to spice it up, you can lock-on to the boss and melee it from behind while timing your dodges. The Overture Devil Breaker also does a good deal of damage.

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