Devil May Cry 5 Gold Orb Locations Guide – How to Revive in DMC5

Devil May Cry 5 Gold Orbs allow you to continue after dying with full HP and Devil Trigger. Learn how to find all the Golden Orbs & Fragments in Capcom’s DMC5.

Devil May Cry 5 Gold Orb Locations

Gold Orbs in DMC5 can be obtained in many ways. You can purchase them from Nico’s Shop. One Golden Orb costs round 6,000 Red Orbs.

Another way is through Link Missions. When you rate other players in Link Missions, you have a chance to earn Gold Orbs. Daily Login Bonus can also grant you Gold Orb. As for finding Gold Orbs in Devil May Cry 5, here are all the locations.

Gold Orb #1
In Mission #2, just as arrive at the first open field go east and jump up and then into a small quarter with a bus. You can find the gold orb after fighting at the end.

Gold Orb #2
In Mission #3, you can find the gold orb after you find the blue orb then a cutscene is triggered after that when you move using the grip point through one building to another.

Gold Orb #3
In Mission #4, right after the cutscene in which your hair turns white eliminate the enemies in the area and move up the containers until you spot the gold orb.

Gold Orb #4
Within Mission #4, after the cutscene at the bridge, look directly behind you and move a little to collect the Gold Orb.

Gold Orb #5
In Mission #5, go towards the dead end and take a left you will see a gold orb in the corner.

Gold Orb #6
In Mission #7, when you reach the lowest train station ground look behind one of the pillars to identify it.

Gold Orb #7
In Mission #9, after the fight with Demon Knight, if you completed the Eagle-Eyed Trophy just take the path that’ll take you back to where you started and you’ll find the orb along this route.

Gold Orb #8
Within Mission #9, when the cutscene triggers and sees you fight at the tombs, the Gold Orb will be on the big ledge looking back at the way you came from.

Gold Orb #9
During Mission #10, the orb can be found near two teeth-filled red doors. This Gold Orb is nearby the Secret Mission passageway within the area.

Gold Orb #10
During Mission #10, in the area where there are open and closing platforms just go to the east instead of going up and you will see the gold orb.

Gold Orb #11
In Mission #12, after you get the egg that lets you progress forward you can get the Gold Orb on the way to the objective.

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