Devil May Cry 5 “Will Please A Fanbase That Is Still Quite Big”

Devil May Cry 5 might not be one of the most anticipated titles announced at E3 2018 but it does have a following and that is what Capcom things as well. Capcom Europe COO Stuart Turner talked about the upcoming game and he thinks that there is still an audience for the game. Being a huge Devil May Cry fan, I would have to agree with the guy. According to Turner:

But the world has moved on and these players have changed. And if we did [introduce old-school mechanics], these fans might play it and actually decide it’s not what they wanted after all. But we played around with a few things in development. We did try first-person, we did try the fixed camera. But the way the game has been designed, we decided that a third-person view works better.

EMEA marketing director Antoine Molant talked about the fans and how they wanted another game in the franchise and the following is what he had to say in this regard:

The last game was very good, but there were a few unhappy voices because it wasn’t a direct sequel and other things. Because of that, the dev team sat down and asked: ‘Where do we take that next?’ And it was known that the community wanted Devil May Cry 5 to be closer to 1, 2 and 3. And so the project was born.

The franchise is pretty old and people that used to play the game are older now, like me but then again I still want to play the game when it comes out and I will. Not everyone is going to do that. So it is debatable whether or not the appeal is the same as before. Molant further went on to mention the following:

We can debate whether that genre has the same appeal as it used to… that’s hard to say. The project was born because of what the fans want. This project would never have been greenlit if it didn’t make sense business-wise. We rarely have crazy forecasts on any of our games. DMC 5 will please a fanbase that is still quite big.

Vergil will be coming back in Devil May Cry 5 and it will be very interesting to see how everything is going to end. Capcom has high hopes for the game and so do I. I hope that it can meet expectations.

Let us know what you think about Devil May Cry 5 and whether or not you are interested in playing the game.

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