Devil May Cry 5 Devil Breaker Guide – How to Unlock, Changing Devil Breakers, Skills, Effects

Devil May Cry 5 Devil Breaker essentially is Nero’s staple weapon. Find all about Nero’s DB, unlocking new Devil Breakers, skills, effects, abilities, combos, and changing Devil Breakers in the game.

Devil May Cry 5 Devil Breaker

In Capcom’s Devil May Cry 5, to replace Nero’s arm, Nico has created Devil Breakers that are weapons specially made for Nero as a replacement for the Devil Bringer.

Each Devil Breaker in Devil May Cry 5 has different abilities or skills in the combats. DMC5 Devil Breakers are the same Prosthetic Arms as the Devil Bringer and are used to take down the demons.

These Devil Breakers allow Nero to perform combos and special moves to take on the enemies. Varieties of Devil Breakers are listed down below:

1. Overture
Overture shoots out a hand-shaped shockwave on enemies making them deal with high damage.

2. Gerbara
Gerbara shoots out projectiles that release high energy beams. Also, it is good if Nero wants to dodge enemy attacks.

3. Ragtime
Ragtime will trap enemies in a field that will slow time for enemies and Nero can easily perform combos on multiple enemies.

4. Punch Line
This Devil Breaker has jet propulsion power which packs destructive power in it. Nero can ride on this arm and slam into enemies as well.

5. Buster Arm
The arm has the capability to through powerful enemies with catastrophic force. Although using this action will reduce the durability of the arm and may result in the breakage of the arm.

6. Helter Skelter
The arm has the power to change into a sharp blade and cut through the enemies.

7. Tomboy
It is a booster for your weapons that will upgrade your weapons but it will need skills to be controlled after.

8. Rawhide
This whip weapon upgrades the Wire Snatch and makes it easier for Nero to reach the targets or get hold of them.

9. Pasta Breaker
This particular arm has no significant use in the combats but it eases eating pasta for Nero.

10. Sweet Surrender
This arm is made up of soft material so Nero can massage Kyrie and ease the tension away.

11. Mega Buster
This weapon is best for handling long-range targets and activates special side rolls and jump moves.

12. Monkey Business
This weapon is only available for Xbox One and PS4 users and can only be received from

13. Gerbera GP-01
This arm shoots shockwaves from all five fingers and can be controlled in the air or on the ground.

You can try these and select your desired Devil Breaker. The best ones will be the ones that can be used in the combats and deal with high damage and can take down multiple enemies at the same time.

How to Unlock Devil Breakers?

Nico has set several Devil Breakers for Nero throughout the field that are hard to be missed by Nero. As you stand above the Devil Breakers, a button prompt will appear and you can pick it up.

Nero can also receive the Devil Breakers by talking on the red phone booth and Nico will appear in the van. Nero can easily buy the Devil Breakers from there.

Nero can even replenish his items in the shop or can sell them to buy better ones. Either this or he can buy the Devil Breakers in the shop before the game begins. Keep in mind that these can only be bought by Nero and no other character.

How to Change Devil Breakers?

There is no other way other than to destroy the Devil Breaker that you do not want to use. Use L1/ LB to destroy the Devil Breakers until you reach the desired one and fill your slots with that weapon.

You can even increase the number of slots by upgrading the Devil Breaker skill.