Devil May Cry 5 New Nero Devil Breaker Gameplay Will Increase Your Hunger

Devil May Cry 5 comes with a very unique and interesting weapon called Devel Breaker. To make you crave for more, a new Devil May Cry 5 Devil Breaker gameplay is now available to show you Nero’s brutal and wild style of handling demon in the game.

Devil Breaker in Devil May Cry 5 is a unique weapon that provides Nero with a different variety of tools and abilities that he can use in combat or to travel.

You can check out these all out in the new Devil May Cry 5 Devil Breaker trailer below.

A Devil breaker called “Gerbera GP01” in Devil May Cry 5 will give Nero more faster movement using shockwaves. Another Devil Breaker in DMC5 called Pasta is created by Nico which is one of the new characters in DMC 5. This is the only Devil Breaker in DMC 5 that will let you cycle the remaining Breakers.

The Sweet Surrender is another Deal Breaker in DMC 5 which you use to heal Nero along with Break gauge moves which can recover up to three bars of health. There’s one called Mega Buster and it’s inspired by Megan Man. It’ll change Nero’s poses and includes animations to pay respects to the Mega Man.

Other than that, the overall gameplay of Devil May Cry 5 looks very smooth and it’s exactly what the fans ever wanted. Recently, some lucky fans of the game got the chance to play DMC 5 and they were very pleased with the gameplay. These lucky fans mentioned that the Devil May Cry 5 gameplay is badass and sexy.

Interestingly it seems like Capcom couldn’t hold it any longer as they have started the pre-load of the game on Xbox One. Those people who pre-ordered the game are now reporting that they are able to download the game months earlier.

The game file size is 29.75 GB which seems very normal as it also includes all of the downloadable content of the game. Though obviously, you can’t start playing it yet, if you start the application it says that it’s not available to play yet.

Capcom recently also revealed the all-new mode in DMC 5 called The Void. This new mode is a training mode which will allow you to test different moves and these new Devil Breakers as well. So if you want to be an expert, you better check out this mode as early as possible. This mode will also come useful for the beginners who don’t have any experience of playing a DMC game ever before.

DMC 5 development is already complete so there’s not going to be any delays. DMC 5 consists of three different playable characters along with an all-new character called “V”. There’s very little that we know about him and he’s clearly different from others.

Don’t worry as Capcom has promised that they will be revealing new information about this new character soon. As for now, he’s expected to be a mage type character. There will be options in certain missions allowing you to play with the character you like depending on your choice.

DMC 5 will officially release on March 8, 2019, for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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