Devil May Cry 5 Development Has Finished, No Playable Vergil or Ladies

Matt Walker confirms all our questions regarding Devil May Cry 5 post-launch content, specifically how the game has officially finished its development.

DMC5 producer Matt Walker has confirmed on Twitter that Capcom doesn’t have any more Devil May Cry 5 post content plans. The game in its current state is fully completed.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Devil May Cry 5 was and still is amazing. It’s definitely my candidate for game of the year so far. Though the thing about it being so good has kind of left us longing for more now. Especially with things like proper co-op and a playable Vergil. Here’s the nail in the coffin to that demand, though.

This also means that the bonus cutscenes in the end of DMC 5 are eluding to a sequel rather than a DLC in the future. I’m talking about the job Morrison had for Lady and Trish as well as what Vergil and Dante will be up to in hell. At least we got one hell of a wallpaper though from that last shot.

I can safely say though that Devil May Cry 5 was definitely a s-s-stylish experience for both new fans of the series and hardcore ones. Might I add that I also adore the way they handled their monetization and economy.

The game never felt too grindey and the microtransactions were never imposed on the players either. I wish some some modern games took those notes as well.

It still is a bit sad to know that we won’t be playing as Vergil. At least, not officially that is. The last major update we had to DMC 5 was the free Bloody Palace addition. Boy has that been keeping us busy for the time being, and will continue to do so.

The cameo system continues to kindle a small semblance of co-op within some select missions of the game. Everybody’s hopes for a bloody Palace co-op mode have been squashed though.

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