Dante Might Have His Long Hair Cut In Devil May Cry 5

During the Devil May Cry 5 trailer shown at E3 2018, we see Dante riding a bike and he’s much more different than what we were used too. Older face, a haunting smile and long hair are his best features, however, that could change throughout the game as its producer reveals.

After seeing Kratos mature this year, getting older and wiser in the new God of War, it’s a breath of fresh air seeing Dante, another iconic video game character, doing the same. We don’t know yet if this transformation is caused by the passing of time or another cause (like the one we see in Metal Gear Solid 4), however, we are excited to see what this “new Dante” has to offer in terms of character development.

Speaking with VG247, Devil May Cry 5 producer Matt Walker revealed that Dante’s long wavy hair we see in the trailer might get chopped off. He cannot give out more information about the lead character yet but this new bit of information must be somehow important if it gets pointed out this way. Walker stated:

Unfortunately, we can’t reveal too much about Dante yet, but I’m confident that you’ll be happy with how he turns out in DMC5.

His hair may be impractical for motorcycle riding in that particular scene, but he might just wise up and do something to make that motorcycle riding more manageable.

Apart from Dante, Nero and V are also Devil May Cry 5’s playable characters and the upcoming game is believed to be a more emotional title than the previous ones. It has no stated release date yet, but it will launch sometime next year for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.

We can’t wait to see when the Devil May Cry franchise will lead to after the release of the next title. For what it’s worth, it’s hopeful to see such iconic franchises not being forgotten but instead being continued in a meaningful way.

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