Devil May Cry 5 Blue Orb Fragment Locations Guide – How to Upgrade HP

Blue Orbs are an essential part of the Devil May Cry Series; as such, they have been implemented in the new DMC5 too.

They are used to increase the max length of the Health Gauge so it is easy to see why they might play an important role throughout your gameplay.

Moreover, each Orb you collect in any character’s gameplay will affect the total health of every character, so you do not have to separately get Blue Orbs for all characters.

Devil May Cry 5 Blue Orb Fragment Locations

Blue Orbs are exclusively found in the shop; however, there are several Fragments scattered throughout the map, which can be combined to form a Blue Orb. In order to do so, you will need to have 4 Blue Orb Fragments to obtain 1 Blue Orb.

Overall, there are 6 Blue Orbs available at the shop, 32 Blue Orb Fragments spread throughout the map, and we will help you find them.


As previously mentioned, all of the Blue Orbs can be purchased from the store. Each of which will get progressively more expensive as you buy more. Access to the store will be given from the second Mission onwards. The price list is represented below.

  • Orb #1: 1,500 Red Orbs
  • Orb #2: 3,500 Red Orbs
  • Orb #3: 6,000 Red Orbs
  • Orb #4: 9,000 Red Orbs
  • Orb #5: 18,000 Red Orbs
  • Orb #6: 40,000 Red Orbs

As for the Fragments, you can find them in separate missions. I have listed down their locations along with, which missions they can be found in, in chronological order.

Blue Orb Fragment #1
In Mission 1, right after the cut scene where they reveal the first Red glowing enemy “red Empusa” (the enemy that gives Red gems from hitting it).

Drop down the broken bridge and follow the Red Empusa to the area under the backside of the bridge, where you will be able to spot the first Fragment.

Blue Orb Fragment #2
In Mission 2, there are two rooms connected, where the 2nd Nidhogg Hatchling is because the wall is broken between them. As soon as you get the Hatchling from one room, the enemies will spawn.

Take them to the other room through the broken wall and let them hit you a couple of times until the floor below you break. Do note that if you look closely, you can actually see which part of the floor can be broken.

After that get rid of them and jump down below. Your reward will be waiting there.

Blue Orb Fragment #3
Complete the Secret Mission of Mission 2.

Blue Orb Fragment #4
Obtain the third Nidhogg Hatchling for the 2nd Mission. Find the barrier where it can be used, but do not use it yet. Follow the road where the barrier is found and when you reach the dead-end, there will be a ledge on your left with a Devil Breaker on it.

Climb on to it and then hug the wall and jump and you should be able to climb the root as well, to the broken wall into a room that has the Blue Orb Fragment.

Blue Orb Fragment #5
In Mission 3, when you are on the roof you are introduced to the concept of Grim Grip. Use the Grim Grip to hop onto the other roofs.

At the second roof, you will have a cutscene, skip that (or not) and then on the same roof jump over the wall on the right, to get to the other part of the same roof. There, you will find the gem.

Blue Orb Fragment #6
Complete the Secret Mission of Mission 3.

Blue Orb Fragment #7
In Mission 3 from the spot where you found the Secret mission, you should be able to see that there is a hole in the ceiling of that area.

Start climbing the stairs until you reach the dead-end, where the last set of staircases is broken. You have to do a wall jump here in order to get to the upper floor.

Get there and use the Grim Grip there to go through the hole in the ceiling where you will find the Blue Orb Fragment.

Blue Orb Fragment #8
In Mission 4, get the first hatchling kill and follow the path down the room until you have reached the streets.

At the start of the streets, you will notice a building painted with a graffiti of a woman with the skull, it’s right in front, the Fragment is behind it.

Once, you have reached that area, you will fight a couple of enemies, during the fight, use the devil trigger to summon Nightmare and will break the upper part of the building revealing the 8th Fragment.

Finish the fight and simply jump over to acquire the Fragment.

Blue Orb Fragment #9
After you have acquired the 8th Orb. Get out of the building and follow the same street, you will face a couple of enemies there, but you can ignore them.

Follow the street until you have reached a dead-end where you have to take either right or left route.

You will see that on the left route, there is a barrier (this is the same road that leads to the area where you call Nico), open it with the hatchling and the Orb should be behind it.

Blue Orb Fragment #10
Backtrack to where you found the first Blue Orb Fragment of Mission 4, in the same broken building, take the stairs to the boot, where the wall is broken and it leads you to an open area, where you can acquire a Nidhogg Hatchling.

After that, make your way back again, this time to the area, where you found the second Fragment of the Mission and you will notice that the there is a barrier there.

Unlock it using the hatchling and proceed up the building to find a Secret Mission to complete and get a Blue Fragment.

Blue Orb Fragment #11
In Mission 5, through the sewers, you will enter a warehouse, with a lot of containers in it.

Enter the warehouse, defeat the first batch of enemies, follow the path ahead, climb the contains stacked together and when you drop down from it at the end, you will be able to see a Secret path in the corner, when you turn around.

Follow the path to some barrel, with a Blue Fragment along with them.

Blue Orb Fragment #12
Complete the Secret Mission found in the same vicinity as the first Fragment of Mission 5, can be revealed with the help of nightmare.

Blue Orb Fragment #13
During the Mission 8, from the point where you first encounter the statue that lets you purchase stuff, use it to equip gerbera Devil Breaker on your first slot, then follow the path ahead to the end, where there is a drop.

There you will be able to see the Blue Fragment at the other side of the pit in front of you.

In order to cross the pit, you have to jump (using Air Hike will help a bit) then use the gerbera Devil Breaker couple of times while you are airborne to propel you to the other side where you can get the Fragment.

Blue Orb Fragment #14
In Mission 8, you will come across two blood streams that are running upwards, carry some rocks with the follow and acting like an elevator. Reach the second stream and jump onto the set of rocks that carry you upwards.

Now face away from the stream and adjust your camera, so that you can see the left side of Nero (right if you are facing the stream).

As the stream moves upwards, you will notice a platform on the left, jump on it. From there, you will have to use two Grim Grips consecutively to reach the area, where the Secret Mission is. Complete it and enjoy the 14th Fragment.

Blue Orb Fragment #15
As mentioned earlier, that there is a stream that carries you upwards, but there is another bloodstream that carries you upward too, where Nero completely immerses into it and is carried through a huge tentacle in a cutscene.

The second time you encounter this bloodstream, before you enter it, go around it to the back, where there will be a tentacle-shaped enemy. Slaughter it and the Blue Fragment should appear at the entrance of the bloodstream.

Blue Orb Fragment #16
In Mission 9, in the area where you encounter 2 Angelo Knights, you will see the Blue Fragment through a pathway blocked by large vines. You the nightmare near the vines and they should be destroyed, clearing your path to the Fragment.

Blue Orb Fragment #17
The Secret Mission is in the same place where you find the previous Fragment.

Blue Orb Fragment #18
During Mission 8, when you are exiting the catacombs you will pass through a doorway, will candles outside it.

As you pass through it, you will have to choose, either to jump down and take the route on the left or jump onto the ledge ahead. Jump on the ledge, ahead and make your way to the top, where you will find the next Fragment.

Blue Orb Fragment #19
In Mission 10, you will notice, that certain gateways are surrounded by teeth and close after a certain time period.

Once, you encounter the second gate, defeat the enemies quickly, before the time for the gate to close is over, make your way up through the gate, until you reach the ledge.

From there you can jump onto the other ledge on the left where the Fragment is held.

Blue Orb Fragment #20
Find and complete the Secret Mission from Mission 10.

Blue Orb Fragment #21
In Mission 11, the part where you enter a ruined building and you have to destroy a couple of blood clots the get the building to move down.

The first time you enter the building from a broken wall, drop down and the drop down again, where you have to destroy your first blood clot. Destroy that thing, then climb back up, you will notice an area that was blocked by vines is accessible now.

Get through it and you will find a Secret Mission there that will reward you a Fragment.

Blue Orb Fragment #22
In the same ruined building, where you destroyed the first blood clot, drop down and destroy the second clot on the right. Destroying it will display the cutscene where a building in moving down.

After that right beside where the clot was, you will be able to climb and collect the Fragment.

Blue Orb Fragment #23
During Mission 12, you will come across an objective, where you have to fill a statue will blood. Get the hatchling for one of the barriers in the room and then open one of them.

After one destroy one of the Blood sacs, you will be able to go through it. Go through it and on the right, wall jump into the room where you are next Fragment is.

Blue Orb Fragment #24
Same mission, complete the task where you fill the statue with the blood. The statue will move and reveal a hatch. Jump down it, follow up the stairs and if you look behind you on the stairs, you will see a room, where you can jump to.

Get there, complete a Secret Mission and get the Blue Fragment.

Blue Orb Fragment #25
This can be found in the area in Mission 14, where V has to get through three portals in order to get his pets back. Complete one of the challenges and acquire the bird (Griffin).

When you head back to the hall again, there are two cliffs away from the portals. Should be easy to spot, since most of the room is empty.

On one of the cliffs is the Blue Orb Fragment and you will be able to see it. Climb up the other cliff that is beside it and jump over to the cliff with the Fragment from the other cliff, using the flying ability offered by the bird.

When you double jump and hold jump, the bird will carry you through the air.

Blue Orb Fragment #26
Acquired from Secret Mission of Mission 14.

Blue Orb Fragment #27
Acquired from Secret Mission of Mission 15.

Blue Orb Fragment #28
Getting to the Secret Mission is tricky, using Gerbera several times. Once you have reached the Secret mission, after completing it, turn around to where you come from and on the left ahead, you will see some Red Crystals.

Basically, you have to make it there again using the Gerbera. Use the Gerbera to dash towards the platform with the Red crystal, and then turn right and head up to get the collectible.

Blue Orb Fragment #29
After you reach the second Statue that works as a shop, continue down the hill until you enter a room with several demons. Once you kill them, you will be able to Grim Grip. Use the Grim Grip to get to an upper section.

From there all you have to do is to follow the path above, keeping an eye on the left side where you should see a ledge. Jump on it then turn left to spot the next Blue Orb Fragment.

Blue Orb Fragment #30
In Mission 16, you will drop down a couple of big pits with ledges, from which you can collect Orbs on your way down. Make your way down 2 pits, in each, you will be facing enemies, you the third pit, do not drop down.

At the entrance of the pit, you will be able to see another entry point on the opposite side. You have to jump on the platforms in front of you to make it to the other side to the other entrance.

Be careful, because you have to make it quickly, otherwise the platforms will crumble down.

Once on the other side, you have to further, drop through 2 more pits, the follow the path until you see a Blue Fragment on a platform ahead of you along with a pit separating you from it. Use the sin devil form of Dante to fly to the Fragment.

Blue Orb Fragment #31
Secret Mission of Mission 16, will get you the Fragment.

Blue Orb Fragment #32
The last one can be found during Mission 18. After defeating shadow, go along the main path, to a point where you climb 3 ledges and encounter 3 “red Empusa” (the enemy that gives Red gems from hitting it) at the top.

If you are able to kill all three of them in time, you will see a Blue Fragment will spawn in the area. My advice is to transform into the Devil Form and take them out quickly before they de-spawn.

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