Devil May Cry 5 Beginners Tips and Strategies Guide

Devil May Cry 5 is all about style and mastery over your movement in the game. Beginners might find it hard to break into the franchise but with enough practice, you too can play like Dante all you want. In this Devil May Cry 5 Beginners Guide, we’ll be showing you how you can adapt to different key mechanics in the game to take down the Underworld.

Devil May Cry 5 Beginners Guide

Capcom’s DMC5 can prove out to be a trouble if you are not focusing on some directions. These DMC5 Tips and Tricks are for new players of the game or franchise. Below is the list of things that the players should keep in mind and always keep an eye out for:


If you think beating the game is merely enough, then that’s fine. But, if you want to become a true Devil Hunter, you’re going to want to take on the different mechanics of the game and learn ways to chain up your combos to get stylish.

The Void can be used to set up enemies in front of you, with whom you can practice different skills that you’ve learned over time. As you learn to predict enemy trajectories with different moves, you’ll learn how you can put in your combos to keep demons in the air and look cool in the process.

Not only can The Void be used for combos, but you’d be surprised how complex each enemy in Devil May Cry 5 is. All of them have these invisible stats and unique ways that all of them act to different circumstances around them. Understanding those key components can really help you understand how to overpower your enemy in the game.


Once you start hitting with your combo, there will come a time when the attack will end. Practice combining your combos so you can have more attacks and can do more damage to the enemies and bosses.

You can make combos that are more powerful by hitting multiple buttons at the same time. You can also check the skill list of each character from the Menu.

The first and foremost thing to do when you start the game is to make sure that the Auto-Assist option is turned off. Auto-Assist is automatically enabled on Easy difficulties and does not fully let you control your character.

You’ll pretty much be performing sick combos by mashing buttons while thinking you’re cool at the cost of your dignity. It’s shameful.

Upgrade Weapons

Each weapon has a unique set of abilities but the weapons can be upgraded by using the Red Orbs or Purple Orbs. Always keep an eye out for the Orbs.

The Orbs will unlock skills, upgrade weapons, and provide other benefits like learning abilities of your characters. Always keep yourself stocked with these Orbs as you will need them throughout the game.


There are going to be some parts in the game that are going to be difficult to complete. You can always step down and play on Human difficulty, collect orbs, *learn the skills* and then complete the level on a higher difficulty.

Weapons and Styles

All weapons are to be used with skill, be it Nero’s Devil Breakers or Exceed or V’s and Dante’s Devil Trigger. Dante even has four styles that can be swapped and give powerful combos.

Players have to use all these weapons and master them so they can unleash hell upon their enemies. Devil Breakers are expensive and takes 500 Red Orbs but can also be searched as they are scattered around the field.

You can upgrade your Devil Triggers for a more brutal use on the enemies but it does cost the players a hefty amount.

You can practice any of these weapons or melee techniques in the Void and once when you are comfortable enough, you can use these weapons to take down your enemies.

With Dante, it’s relatively easier to rank up your Stylish meter compared to Nero. Just make sure to switch weapons and styles frequently, even if you don’t know what you’re doing. Most importantly, avoid getting hit. And you’ll definitely land S Rank or above.


Every upgrade will cost you a good amount of Orbs and you can use all the Orbs in buying yourself stuff when you have to upgrade your weapons to fight enemies on a higher level. Hence exploring is a great option in the game.

The game provides you with a consistent amount of Orbs so you do not end up with a list of pending upgrades. You can collect as many orbs as you want and can even replay if you miss them.

Always staying stocked up on these Orbs will really benefit you when you go to buy or upgrade your skills and weapons.

While exploring you will stumble upon Devil Breakers as well. You can go near them and pick them up when a button prompt appears. You do need empty slots for it though.

Therefore, if you want to throw a Devil Breaker, destroy it by using L1 or LB and pick up the Devil Breaker. You can also press B/Circle and your Devil Breaker will be destroyed but after it does damage your enemy and make you invincible momentarily by giving them a farewell attack.

These DMC5 Tips will surely make your battle journey easy for you and will give you a direction to focus on.