Developer Gets Banned by Steam For Finding Harmful Script Tag Exploit

Tomas Duda, developer of The Euro Truck Simulator, has been banned from Steam for showcasing an exploit to Valve that could potentially be used by hackers to phish Steam users for their login credentials.

The developer claims that he had been in contact with Steam’s support for sometime but none of them ever took any steps to resolve the harmful bug. Duda discovered a script tag error that could be used by hackers to redirect potential victims to suspicious sites.

When there was no action taken by Valve, Duda proved to them the effectiveness of the bug by sending people to the Harlam Shake video. Duda thought this was the only way to bring the flaw to Valve’s attention.

The company though saw it as a breech of Stea’s code and banned him for 52 weeks. Additionally Duda’s Steam partner rights were revoked as well.

Despite his banning, Valve has yet to fix the error and so players are open to be caught off guard by hackers strolling around on Steam forums.

Steam has over 70 million users, that all have put their faith in Valve for providing a secure platform for their games libraries. One single exploit could bring down all those walls and tarnish that faith.


Source: Twitter

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