Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Will Have a Permadeath Mode, Devs Considered Killing Adam

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is going to feature a special permadeath mode. In will unlock once you complete the game on hard difficulty. Adam Jensen will only have a single life throughout the game. Players will be able to save the game at certain checkpoints but once you die, the data in between will be deleted.

The mode came into existence when devs considered killing Adam Jensen. They only discussed it for a few minutes but realized that Adam Jensen still has much more to tell.

Producer Olivier Proulx said:

That lasted a few minutes, because we felt there was so much more to tell with Adam. He’s such an iconic character, and it’s difficult to create such a character in their story, how they look, so we felt that we had a great pillar to continue telling Deus Ex stories with. For this [game], we really doubled down on Adam. We gave him more depth. He’s a character who’s evolving, and he’s much more comfortable with what he is.

Proulx said that the studio is looking into potential narrative updates post-release. However, nothing is finalized for the time being.  Deus Ex Mankind Divided will release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in August. Square Enix will bring Deus Ex to GamesCom.

The publisher revealed the list of games it is bringing to GamesCom 2016. Head over here to see the complete list of games from SE.

You can pre order Mankind Divided right now from Steam, Amazon, PlayStation Store, or Xbox Store.

Source: GameSpot

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