Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Side Missions Guide – Neon Nights, 01011000, The Fix

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Side Missions Guide to help you complete Neon Nights, 01011000, and The Fix during your visits to Prague in the game.

There are a number of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Side Missions that you can participate in and further develop the story and the in-game world.

However, do note that these Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Side Missions are miss-able if you fail to find all the clues leading to them. Due to this, it is highly recommended that you search each area thoroughly in order to get these optional quests.

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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Side Missions

Our Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Side Missions details everything you need to know about finding and completing these optional missions in the game.

Neon Nights

Location: Prague

You need to head over to the yard near Koller’s Shop and Police Checkpoint to hear about neon. From there, knock out the dealer on the other side of the yard and loot him which will direct you to Apartment #22.


In order to head inside; you can hack the front door console, use the ventwork on the third floor, or use the window ledge outside of the building. Once inside, you will need to take care of two dealers – either kill them or simply knock them out.

Next search for Pocket Secretary near the front wall and receive the code for the computer which is placed in kitchen behind the drinks. You need to hack the system, read the e-mail, and proceed to the next step.

Once done, ride the subway to Palisade Station and head over to Apartment #202 at 33 Hlavni. You will need to hack the frontal terminal in order to gain access.

As soon as you head inside, go to the first floor and hack the laptop in order to prevent the cops from being summoned. Once you are done, head upstairs to find a corpse next to a bed.

You need to search the body for a Pocket Secretary, read the e-mails on the laptop, and request a ‘cleaning’ service using the home system. After that you need to leave the area for a while and then return.

After you come back, head back to the corpse and notice a swan on the bed.

Head out of the apartment and head towards Ludvik Courtyard. Head inside, go downstairs, open the locked door, and search the corpse inside for a Pocket Secretary.

From there, you need to head towards the apartment on the east side of the area. Once you are at the designated building, you need to head over to the second floor and look for the same symbol that you saw on the bed earlier.

Hack your way inside through the front door and you will come across a number of useful items inside. Once you are inside, you need to use a spray bottle in the main room which will open a secret area having a safe.

It is highly recommended to use a multi-tool in order to open up a safe because you will get one in return. Search for the Pocket Secretary inside the safe to proceed to the final stage of the mission.

You need to head over to the southern edge of Prague and use the sewer entrance in order to reach the Dvali base. After you find yourself in front of the locked gate, use the code 0311 in order to head inside.

Carefully escape the turret and head over to the stairs and use the code 0311 once again. A little ahead, you will come across multiple CCTV cameras and about x6 enemies. You can go with any approach you prefer, but do note that the enemies are equipped with grenades and heavy weaponry.

You should try and reach the left catwalk, knock out x1 enemy there, and hack the terminal in order to disable CCTV cameras, turrets, and alarm. Once you are done, head up and into a small room on the backside.

Take care of the chemist and head inside the locked room – guarded by a turret. Once you are inside, use x2 Biocells to activate the terminal inside and empty the chambers in order to complete one of the Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Side Missions.


Location: Prague

In order to start the mission, you basically need to interact with several broken ad panels scattered around Prague. You will hear voices after interacting with these broken ad panels.

Once you are done, head over to POI located on the southern edge of Prague. You need to head inside the electronics store near Koller’s and make your way towards the basement. Once inside, fire up the laptop and agree to help Helle using the messenger.

From there, you need to head over to a tourism spot. It is recommended to use the ventwork in the adjacent building in order to gain access to the marked building.

You will also come across x3 armed enemies in the center of the area – they are pushover at best. Once you are done with them, search their bodies for Pocket Secretaries, and use the code you got from Helle to head inside the locked room.

Once you are inside, you need to acquire a disk. With the disk at your disposal, you need to head to the northern edge of the area and to an antique store marked on your map.

Speak to the man inside the store and continue to press him about the store’s name. Once he is upset, tell him about the Pocket Secretary that you found on one of the bodies and receive a ton of information from him.

Do whatever you want to do with the man, but do make sure to thoroughly search the area for a lot of goods.

After you are done in the antique store, head back to your Safe House, use the data reader sitting on the table, and speak with Helle. This marks the end of one of the Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Side Missions, however, your apartment will be stormed by some guards. You can deal with them in any way you want and it will not ruin the mission in any way.

The Fix

Location: Prague, Second Visit

During your second visit to Prague, you need to head over to Koller’s secret lab to start the mission. Before you begin, however, do note that you need to have finished The Heist or Confronting the Bomb-Maker and must have the Calibrator in order to start this mission.

Anyway, after speaking with Koller, he will fix your augmentations and your concerns about overclocking. This will essentially allow you to use all your augmentations without any kind of side-effects.

Another important thing that you need to note here is that your conversation with Koller during The Fix is influenced by your actions during The Calibrator and All in Family.

This is all we have on Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Side Missions – The Fix, 01011000, Neon Night Guide. If there is anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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