Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Easter Eggs and Secrets; Half Life Reference, Tomb Raider and Much More

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided easter eggs and secret references are found in abundance within the game. The game is packed with nostalgic content and memes but some of it is well hidden.

However, we have you covered.

The above video gives you a look at Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Easter Eggs and other secret references. Some of my most favorite ones include a reference of Half Life.

As you may know, Half Life is the most loved and sought after Valve franchise. The third installment has been in development for over a decade but Valve stopped discussing it a while back. Which leads to speculation that the game is no longer in development and has been cancelled.

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Of course from time to time we do see suggestive evidence that it may happen. But when it doesn’t, even after a decade, seeing a reference of Half Life in Deus Ex just makes you sad.

Deus Ex features a Half Life companion cube which reminds us of all the good times we had playing this classic from Valve. You need to visit the “Future Past Antiky” and head to the basement via a staircase on the back of the store.

Once there, you will not only find Half Life companion cube but also Tomb Raider video game copy, Hitman and more. The video above features the location of Deus Ex easter eggs so do check it out in order to find them for yourself.

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