Detroit: Become Human The Painter Walkthrough

In this Detroit: Become Human The Painter Walkthrough Guide, we will guide you on how to complete the fifth chapter. We will share with you all the things that are required for completing the chapter 100% without leaving anything out and as quickly as possible.

Detroit: Become Human The Painter

The Painter is the fifth chapter in the main story of the game. In this chapter, you will be controlling Markus. This chapter is all about his future development. To achieve a 100% for this chapter, you will have to replay the chapter a few times and choose different options at selected checkpoints.

We have detailed all the possible outcomes below so that you can achieve 100% completion easily.

The Painter 100% Walkthrough

The chapter starts with a cutscene. Watch it and then drop the package in the entrance hall. The location is marked for your ease on the left side as you enter the hall. Find the Golden Birdcage next to the package location and activate the robotic birds inside it.

Now head to the living room to find a magazine sitting on a table in front of the television. Pick it up and read North Pole Russia and Life on Titan.

Waking up Carl

Once you have completed reading both the articles, it is time to wake up Carl. Head upstairs to Carl’s room and open the curtains. This will make Carl wake up. Now administer Carl his medicine before carrying him to the bathroom.

During this time, Carl will comment about your clothes. Once Carl is finished in the bathroom, put him in the wheelchair and bring him downstairs. You need to serve him breakfast.

The breakfast is already prepared so all you need to do is bring Carl downstairs to the dining table in the living room and make him sit on a chair. Once Carl is in the chair, head to the kitchen, pick up the breakfast tray, and bring it over to Carl.

Carl will start eating and you can do some extra things to pass the time until he is finished.

Passing Time

There are different activities that you can do during this free time to pass the time quickly. For 100% completion of this chapter, you must perform each of the three activities on a different playthrough. You can do three main activities during this free time.

Each activity has a different outcome, which does not count towards the 100% completion. Only playing the main activity counts towards the completion no matter which outcome you get. You can play chess, piano or read a book to pass time.

If you want to play chess, head to the chessboard located on the left side of the living room. While playing, there are three possible outcomes to the game. You will either win, lose, or the game will end in a draw.

If you decide to read a book, you can go for The Republic by Plato, Tragedies of William Shakespeare or Odes by John Keats. All three books are located on the bookshelf on the right side of the room.

Detroit: Become Human (28)
The last activity that you can do during this time is playing a song for Carl using the piano. The piano is located at the end near the door to Carl’s studio. You can choose from a number of tunes to play such as:

  • Melancholic
  • Hopeful
  • Intimate
  • Enigmatic

Choose whatever activity you want to complete.

Keep in mind that you can only choose one for each playthrough and all three are required for 100% completion so that means you must play again and choose a different activity at this point to make it count towards completion.

Inside the Studio

Once Carl is finished with his breakfast, you will be required to take him to his studio. Simply put him back in his wheelchair and take him to the studio through the door next to the piano.

Carl will use his machine to complete his painting but before that, you must open the curtains to make the studio brighter. As Carl is busy with the painting, you can use the free time to tidy up the studio.

Press R2 and it will show you all the options for you to clean up. You can also choose to wait and watch Carl complete his painting. Choosing any option does not affect the chapter in any way. Once Carl is done with his painting, he will ask you about how you feel about his painting.

You can choose any of the answers and Carl will always reply the same. It does not affect the story in any way.

When Carl asks you to paint something, you will get three options. You must replay the chapter and each time pick a different option to make it count to 100% completion. You can either copy Carl’s painting, copy the desk, or copy the statue.

Picking any of these will progress the story. Once you are done with this, Car will ask you to close your eyes and paint with your heart.

This time, you will get three main options with three sub-options. For 100% completion, you must pick all three main options in three different playthroughs so you will have to play the chapter again with different options this time.

You do not have to choose all the sub-options to make it count to 100%. Picking any of the sub-options from the three main options will make it count to 100% completion. The options you get for painting this time around are:

  • Androids
    • Fate
    • Hope
    • Pain
    • Sadness
  • Humanity
    • Anger
    • Comfort
    • Empathy
    • Hope
  • Identity
    • Androids
    • Despair
    • Doubts
    • Prisoner

Picking any of these options will progress the main story and you will complete The Painting. Carl will be surprised or disturbed by your painting and at this point, Leo, Carl’s son, will enter the room and ask for money.

Carl will refuse to give him money under the suspicion that Leo is under drug influence. Leo will leave the studio and the chapter will conclude.

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