Detroit: Become Human The Hostage Walkthrough Guide – 100% Completion, Finding Clues, Deviant Negotiations, Endings

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Still not satisfied with some of the conclusions of a scenario? Think something is missing? Then you bet you are right because this is a David Cage game. Thankfully, our Detroit: Become Human The Hostage Situation Walkthrough Guide will help you achieve 100% completion in The Hostage Situation of Detroit: Become Human.

Detroit: Become Human The Hostage Situation Walkthrough

You never really know everything there is to know about an encounter by completing it once. That is the beauty of these Quantic Dream games and Detroit: Become Human is no different.

There is always a puzzle of the piece left to uncover until you have achieved 100% completion in a game scenario.

It goes without saying; you would be required to play through The Hostage situation many times until you have gone down every possible path.

So here we go, every possible ending triggered one by one.

Find all Clues

No matter which ending you wish to unlock, finding all the evidence first is essential. Remember, the order here does not matter except for some cases when one area gets locked and cannot be accessed again.

Here are some tasks that need to be completed in order to approach the Hostage situation with every detail.

  • During the early part of the mission, after exiting the elevator, interact with the fish to the left.
  • After entering the building, speak with Captain Allen who’ll brief you on the investigation.
  • Proceed to analyze the gun case that’s lying in the master bedroom.
  • You can then choose to proceed to the little girl’s room and switch on the tab. This will allow you to know the name of the Deviant: Daniel.
  • Go to the living room and investigate the corpse of the father. After you have identified all wounds, reconstruct the scene that will lead you to find the tablet. Interact with it to find the cause of the Deviant’s anger.
  • Next make your way to the dining room just before the balcony. Investigate the cop’s body here. Successfully analyzing all clues, reconstruct the scenes. This will lead you to a gun lying under the table. Choosing to either take or leave the gun will both result in two different conclusions. Therefore, you need to play twice, once by leaving the gun and once by taking it.
  • If you have been too careful and sluggish investigating the scene, you will have one Swat member injured via the Deviant’s gunshots through the balcony.

Now proceed to the balcony to trigger the encounter with the Deviant.

Negotiation with the Deviant

Here are the decisions you can make to arrive at different conclusions when confronting Daniel.

  • Begin the conversation by either using Deviant’s name or don’t. This will lead to a friend or a cold approach respectively.
  • As you enter the balcony, you will be able to see the wounded cop. It will be your choice to lend him a hand or ignore and go straight ahead. If Daniel tells you to step away, you can choose to obey him or choose ‘Ignore’ Daniel option. The copy will then show up in a chapter later on and show his gratitude.
  • You can now be either truthful and drop the gun you got earlier at Daniel’s command. Alternatively, you could lie and never reveal the gun that is until one of the endings.
  • When Daniel grows increasingly annoyed with the helicopter hovering above, you can choose to dismiss the helicopter or allow it to stay. You will gain a bit of Daniel’s trust if you choose the former option. You would require a second playthrough for each of these two choices.

Keep moving forward to trigger one final piece on a conversation that will lead to the conclusion of this chapter.

The Conclusions

  • Conner could not make it in time/ Deviant falls with the girl
  • Choose all harsh and cold dialogue options that cause you to decrease the Trust rating for the Deviant. These include talking to the Deviant without acknowledging its name, examining the cop to the left and not dismissing the helicopter.

This will lead to Daniel losing all hope and jumping off the building along with the little girl. If you manage to complete the quick-time event successfully, then you would have saved the girl.

Otherwise, it will lead to a tragedy involving the death of both the Deviant and the girl.

Sacrifice Yourself for Emma

This ending is triggered when you select the ‘Sacrifice Yourself’ option at any point in the conversation. Choosing so will lead Conner dashing forward and pushing Daniel off the edge of the building and going down with him.

Emma, however, is saved in the process. A brave Deviant indeed.

Deviant Shoots Conner – Bad Ending

If you have picked the gun from under the table, lie about it to Daniel. Then when he asks you to dismiss the helicopter or getting a ride out of town, use the gun and intimidate him.

This will lead to a complete tragedy which involves Daniel shooting Conner, and both Daniel and the girl Emma falling off the roof.

Conner Shoots Deviant

Choose the same aforementioned options up to where you are asked to Shoot or Intimidate the Deviant. Choose the shoot option to take down the Deviant and saving the girl.

Deviant is Eliminated by a Sniper – Happy Ending

If you managed to find all clues successfully before the conversation, be kind and cunning with the Deviant. Be honest and drop the gun when he asks you to.

Leave the officer and dismiss the chopper. All of these events will raise the probability success to 100% whereby he will allow Emma to safely get off the edge of the roof. Unfortunately, the Deviant goes down with a shot from a Sniper.

This is all we have in our Detroit: Become Human The Hostage Situation Walkthrough Guide. If you have anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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